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Ahhhhh so I am always brainstorming and next to being a reader, a blogger, a jewelry maker, a card/craft maker a busy whatever, I am also a thinker!  I never stop thinking.  So, with this being said I thought I would make a new page and share with you, my followers, all the stuff that goes on in my head.  

You may find some of this intriguing, boring, relatable, strange, entertaining etc.  Who knows maybe I am doing it because I like to have an outlet for my feelings, thoughts etc.  Please feel free to share yours!  I love good conversation!

I have severe dry eyes and if I am tired or it's extremely cold or extremely humid they are ten times worse.  They feel like sandpaper :0(  I have been told to take fish oil ??  ha, who knew.  I have yet to do this by the way lol.

I find some people truly don't know how to think for themselves and this leads me to believe that they lack self confidence.

Next to books, shoes and crafting, I love love love music!!

My favorite movies are Endless Love, The Notebook, Beaches, Baby Boom, The Secret of My Success, The Money Pit, Steel Magnolias

Hell to the NO I will not pay 2.99 for a 28 page book.

I HATE a fucking pirate site!!

I can't read M/M romance I just.....I just.....I just.....I can't.

I have over 6000 books on my kindle and I will never read them all but I don't care :0)

Prim and proper I AM NOT!

I don't drink and I don't smoke but I can cuss with the best of em.....LOL oops should I be proud of this statement ;0)

I am jealous of my coworker because she got to see Justin Timberlake last night 07/14/14 lol.

I learned how to French braid hair on a Barbie doll.  Yeah totally not relevant to much but whatev.

I am always a day late and  a dollar short lol.

If you find a pirate site DON'T SHARE IT for the love of God report it or notify an author they will get the word out to their author friends.  SHARING IT DOES NOT HELP AT ALL!

DRAMA DRAMA everywhere.

I hate shopping unless it's for books and online!

I love word games!  Words with friends~come play with me :0)

The best cup of coffee is the first one.

One sport I will never watch on television is Golf.

It really bothers me when people (readers) don't realize that we aren't the ones that come up with the stories or create the characters, the authors do.

I am often amused by the competition I see among bigger blogs!  YES, it happens, daily.  It's sad really!

I have an etsy store Click here to see my goodies!

Looks can be deceiving.

Google is your friend!

Stress can kill you!

I think there should be a 24 hour return policy, or none at all,  for e-books.  It is unreal how many returns happen on a daily basis.

People who hide nothing, have nothing to hide.

If you are on Goodreads with 1818 friends and zero books I will question your motives.  This isn't normal lol.

I hate a hypocrite and a liar!

My trust in people decreases every day.

I am becoming more and more of a hermit as I get older and I like it.

I am addicted to Pinterest!  Here is my stuff.

RIP Robin Williams 08/11/14  May you find the peace you were seemingly unable to find in this life.

Depression is so very real!!

Change is inevitable.

I can't wait until we have a new president just so they can do something that makes someone else bitch about it and I can simply say HA, well you can't blame Obama for this.  My point is I get sick and tired of everyone blaming Obama for everything.  Presidents change and each and every one that we have had or have in office will never ever please everyone!

I am currently employed, thank God, and it is in the business of pissing people off LOL.

I hate cleaning out my email!!   

Cats are hell on mini blinds!

There are two sides to every story.

Sometimes I believe things are better handled behind the scenes than on social media.

Bigger isn't always better!

Conspiracy Theorists crack me up (I am around one every day of the week)

Don't tell me you are not a racist when you clearly are!

When I am reading, repetition is a HUGE problem for me!

The story must flow!

Incessant talking=headache.

I loathe the sounds of pen clicking, drumming your fingers against something and a dripping faucet.

I love Patsy Cline!!

Expectations, well there is way too much to say about this topic.

I have never fallen asleep reading a book or reading my kindle.  Weird I know, but I just can't do it.  If I am that tired I will stop reading.

Do you ever get tired of people bitching?  I do!

My attitude is a reflection of your attitude. (sometimes)

I like Dr. Phil.

New game addiction~Trivia Crack  2015, WordBrain 2015, Toy Blast 2016

Depression is an ugly thing!

I hate rain!  I know we need it from time to time but I don't have to like it. 

I love snow but only if it is enough to keep me home :) 

We are all being secretly judged at one point or another by some individual.

Empathy~something that is seriously lacking in our world.

I am following the Aaron Hernandez trial and I have learned a lot.

Love the voice of Sam Hunt~Country Singer.

I absolutely hate pictures of myself!!

There are lots of tests in life!

Life is way too short to be unhappy!

I never sleep well on Sunday nights.

Being single at 40 is quite interesting!

Nothing worse than being emotionally exhausted!

I'm a fighter!

I get tired of being put on a pedestal (I'm a fucking human being!  I'm not perfect nor am I God lol)

If you live in someone else's home and you don't work, and you can work, I have a huge problem with that.  My opinion of you is that you are a free loader!!

I actually loathe someone I have never met face to face!!

If you show NO respect to others, or their things, then don't expect them to respect you and your things!

You know how to tell if someone is miserable with their own life?  It's when they look for ways to destroy someone else's!

Chaos breeds where boundaries are absent!

The bitter heart eats it's owner!

A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect!

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  1. Love.... As I was reading each statement, I thought "me too"!