~JANUARY New Book Releases~In Date Order~2016

This is the list of new releases for January, and I will be adding more.  These are always subject to change:0)

Forever Country (The Rose Farm Trilogy Book 1) by Brenda Kennedy 2.99~01/01/16

Next to Me by Allie Everhart 2.99~01/02/16

Crave - Box Set by Margaret McHeyzer 4.99~01/03/16

Lightning Kissed (The Lucent Series Book 1) by Lila Felix 3.99~01/04/16

Running Wilde (Wilde Security) by Tonya Burrows 2.99~01/04/16

A Taste of Utopia by L Duarte 2.99~01/04/16

Tell Me You Want Me (Search and Seduce) by Joya Ryan 2.99~01/04/16

All The Pretty Lights (The "A" List Book 1) by Tara Oakes 2.99~01/04/16

Unleashed: Hot Alpha Romance, Volume 1 by Callie Harper 0.99~01/04/16

Built: Saints of Denver by Jay Crownover 4.99~01/05/16

Risqué Series by Scarlett Finn 4.99~01/05/16

Seduction in Session: The Perfect Gentlemen by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake 9.99~01/05/16

Off the Clock: A Pleasure Principle novel by Roni Loren 9.99~01/05/16

Fighting Dirty: Worth the Fight Series by Sidney Halston 2.99~01/05/16

New Leaf: A Mystic Creek Novel by Catherine Anderson 7.99~01/05/16

The Viscount Risks It All: A Prelude to a Kiss by Erin Knightley 7.99~01/05/16

What You Need: The Need You Series by Lorelei James 7.99~01/05/16

Never Tear Us Apart by Monica Murphy 7.99~01/05/16

Strip You Bare (The Deacons of Bourbon Street) by Maisey Yates 2.99~01/05/16

An Ounce of Hope (A Pound of Flesh Book 3) by Sophie Jackson 7.99~01/05/16

Wicked Lust (The Wicked Horse Book 2) by Sawyer Bennett 5.99~01/05/16

Homewrecker Incorporated by S Simone Chavous 0.99~01/05/16

Never Say Never: Zero To 60 (Bad Boys Book 9) by Susan Arden 0.99~01/05/16

Never Say Goodbye (Rebel Walking #6) (Rebel Walking Series) by Hilary Storm 2.99~01/05/16

Big Rock: (A Sexy Standalone Contemporary Romance) by Lauren Blakely 3.99~01/06/16

Crazy Beautiful Forever (Dirty Twisted Love Book 3) by Lili Valente 2.99~01/06/16

Counter To My Intelligence (The Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC Book 7) by Lani Lynn Vale 3.99~01/06/16

The Sweetest Thing: Forever Sweet #3 by Magan Vernon 0.99~01/06/16

Take: Need part 2 by K I Lynn 3.99~01/06/16

White Heat (Lost Kings MC #5) by Autumn Jones Lake 2.99~01/06/16

Sexy Addiction (Bend To My Will #8) by Emily Jane Trent 2.99~01/06/16

Retribution (GenTech: Presidio FIles Book 1) by Lea Griffith 4.99~01/07/16

Twisted Up In You by Dawn Martens 3.99~01/10/16

The Score (Off-Campus Book 3) by Elle Kennedy 4.99~01/11/16

Aced (The Driven Series Book 5) by K Bromberg 4.99~01/11/16

Absolution by L P Lovell & Stevie J Cole 2.99~01/11/16

L is for Luminous by Amity Cross 2.99~01/11/16

Echo by Marquita Valentine 4.49~01/11/16

Scarless & Sacred (The Chicago War Book 3) by Bethany-Kris 3.99~01/11/16

Dirty Together (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy Book 3) by Meghan March 2.99~01/12/16

Better Off Undead (Blood and Moonlight Book 2) by Cynthia Eden 2.99~01/12/16

Angel's Halo: Reclaimed (Angel's Halo MC Book 4) by Terri Anne Browning 3.99~01/12/16

My Best Friend's Stepfather by Opal Carew 9.99~01/12/16

Unhinge: A Novel by Calia Read 6.99~01/12/16

Love in the Light (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 2) by Laura Kaye 2.99~01/12/16

Tempted: The Wicked Woodleys by Jess Michaels 3.99~01/12/16

Inked on Paper by Nicole Edwards 4.99~01/12/16

The Mother Road by Megha Quinn 3.99~01/12/16

Speaking Greek (Foreign Exchange Series Book 1) by Selena Laurence 2.99~01/12/16

Sweet Nothings: Forever Sweet #4 by Magan Vernon 0.99~01/13/16

Love Me Like That by Marie James 0.99~01/13/16

Surrender My Love (Love in Bloom: The Bradens): Cole Braden by Melissa Foster 4.99~01/13/16

Life Interrupted by Yessi Smith 2.99~01/14/16

Love To Love You (Love/Hate Book 3) by Isabelle Richards 1.99~01/15/16

Exhaust: A Serialized Dark Romantic Suspense (The Redline Series Book 4) by Skye Callahan 0.99~01/15/16

Wildflower (a Colors novel) by Jessica Prince 2.99~01/15/16

Her Secret Lover (What Happens in Vegas) by Robin Covington 2.99~01/18/16

Dirty Ugly Toy by K Webster 0.99~01/18/16

Heat: Heat, Sizzle, Burn (Hotter than Hell Novel Book 1) by Holly S Roberts 0.99~01/18/16

Heart Of Steel: A Satan's Savages MC Novel #1 by K E Osborn 2.99~01/18/16

Loyal Cheaters by Lacey Silks 3.99~01/18/16

Cammie Healy (Mitchell - Healy Series) by Jennifer Foor 2.99~01/18/16

Blue: A Novel by Danielle Steele 14.99~01/19/16

Hot Protector (A Hostile Operations Team Novel)(Book 10) by Lynn Raye Harris 4.99~01/19/16

Happily Ever Ninja (Knitting in the City Book 5) by Penny Reid 4.99~01/19/16

Naughty Wishes Part I: Body by Joey W Hill 2.99~01/19/16

Forgotten Promises by Jessica Lemmon 2.99~01/19/16

Outside the Lines: On the Run Novel by Lisa Desrochers 2.99~01/19/16

Feverborn: A Fever Novel by Karen Marie Moning 13.99~01/19/16

Appealed by Emma Chase 7.99~01/19/16

Defenseless by Corinne Michaels 3.99~01/19/16

Honor (Blackstone Series Book 1) by J L Drake 0.99~01/19/16

Society Girls: Sierra by Crystal Perkins 0.99~01/19/16

Holding Her Close by Lexi Ryan 0.99~01/19/16

Swept Away (Grayton Series Book 5) by Jill Sanders 3.99~01/19/16

Starting Over by Barbie Bohrman 3.99~01/19/16

Cunning (Infidelity Book 2) by Aleatha Romig 2.99~01/19/16

Rapturous (Quantum Series Book 4) by M S Force 6.99~01/19/16

Paige in Progress (Reluctant Hearts Book 3) by Brighton Walsh 4.99~01/19/16

Xavier Cold (Hard Knocks Book Two) (Hard Knocks Book Series 2) by Michelle A Valentine 3.99~01/20/16

Home Sweet Home: Forever Sweet #5 by Magan Vernon 0.99~01/20/16

#Junkie (GearShark Book 1) by Cambria Hebert 3.99~01/20/16

Beautifully Undone (The Beaumont Brothers Book 3) by Susan Griscome 2.99~01/20/16

Sketch by Laramie Briscoe 3.99~01/21/16

In This Life by Christine Brae 0.99~01/22/16

PUCKED Over by Helena Hunting 3.99~01/24/16

Heated Ride: Hellions Motorcycle Club (The Hellions Ride Series Book 7) by Chelsea Camaron 2.99~01/24/16

Noah by Justine Elvira 0.99~01/25/16

Dirty Tricks (The Burke Brothers) by Emma Hart 3.99~01/25/16

Needing To Fall by Ryan Michele 2.99~01/25/16

Promise Me Tomorrow (The Witness Series #3): book 3 in The Witness Series by Heather D'Agostino 3.99~01/25/16

Boiling Point (Crossing the Line) by Tessa Baily 3.99~01/25/16

Anatomy of a Player (Taking Shots) by Cindi Madsen 3.99~01/25/16

Fears and Scars by Emily Krat 0.99~01/25/16

Love on The Horizon, A Breaking the Rules Novel (Breaking The Rules Series) by A M Madden 0.99~01/25/16

Hallowed Ground (Flight & Glory) by Rebecca Yarros 3.99~01/25/16

Sin & Suffer (Pure Corruption Book 2) by Pepper Winters 3.99~01/26/16

Untold Devotion (Red Starr, Book Four) by Kennedy Layne 4.99~01/26/16

Pandemonium (MC Sinners Next Generation Book 1) by Bella Jewel 3.99~01/26/16

Three Dirty Secrets (The Blindfold Club Book 4) by Nikki Sloane 2.99~01/26/16

A Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Series 4-Book Bundle: Alex, Garrett, Zack, Ryker by Sawyer Bennett 12.99~01/26/16

Spider Game: Ghostwalker Series (Ghostwalker Novel Book 12) by Christine Feehan 7.99~01/26/16

Love in Purgatory (De La Fuente Book 2) by Lexi Buchanan 3.99~01/26/16

Forever Hidden: Forever Bluegrass #2 by Kathleen Brooks 4.99~01/26/16

The Art of Taming a Rake (A Legendary Lovers Book 4) by Nicole Jordan 7.99~01/26/16

My American Duchess by Eloisa James 6.99~01/26/16

Rock Star Cowboys (The McLendon Family Saga Book 3) by D L Roan 2.99~01/26/16

The Knave of Hearts: Rhymes With Love by Elizabeth Boyle 5.99~01/26/16

Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome) by Rebecca Zanetti 5.84~01/26/16

Enshrine by Chelle Bliss 3.99~01/26/16

Submerged (Bound Together Book 1) by Lacey Black 0.99~01/26/16

Clutch: A Serialized Dark Romantic Suspense (The Redline Series Book 5) by Skye Callahan 0.99~01/27/16

Sweet: Forever Sweet #6 by Magan Vernon 0.99~01/27/16

Shuffle (Ruby Riot Book 2) by Lisa Swallow 2.99~01/28/16

Trouble Rising (New Adult Rock Star Romance): Tyler and Katie's Story #3 by Emme Rollins 0.99~01/29/16

The Perfect Life by Erin Noelle 0.99~01/31/16

River James: Rockers of Steel by M J Fields 2.99~01/31/16


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