~MAY New Book Releases~In Date Order~2016

This is the list of New Releases for May and I will be adding more as time goes on.  Please keep in mind that this information can always change.:0)

Exrated by Stevie J Cole 0.99~05/02/16

Seducing the Fireman (Risky Business) by Jennifer Bonds 2.99~05/02/16

His Undercover Princess (Tempt Me) by Avery Flynn 2.99~05/02/16

Secret Obsession (romantic suspense) (Red Stone Security Series Book 12) by Katie Reus 3.99~05/03/16

Big Easy Temptation (The Perfect Gentlemen) by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake 9.99~05/03/16

Dominated (The Enforcers series) by Maya Banks 9.99~05/03/16

Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy 5.99~05/03/16

Last Mile (A Vicious Cycle Novel) by Katie Ashley 5.99~05/03/16

Blood & Rust (New York Crime Kings Book 1) by Skyla Madi 3.99~05/03/16

Deception (Infidelity Book 3) by Aleatha Romig 3.99~05/03/16

Fighting Fate (Fighting Series Book 7) by J B Salsbury 3.99~05/03/16

Monday (Timeless Series #1) by E L Todd 0.99~05/03/16

Blur: A Senses Series Companion Novel by Xavier Neal 0.99~05/03/16

Jaq With a Q by Jettie Woodruff 2.99~05/03/16

Dare to Take (Dare to Love Book 6) by Carly Phillips 3.99~05/03/16

Release (Hold Book 2) by Claire Kent 2.99~05/04/16

Vital Signs (Up in Flames Book 3) by Em Petrova 2.39~05/05/16

You Don't Own Me: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (The Russian Don Book 2) by Georgia Le Carre 2.99~05/06/16

Jack & Coke (The Uncertain Saints Book 2) by Lani Lynn Vale 3.99~05/06/16

Hollywood Beauty by Vanessa Brooke 0.99~05/07/16

All In: Paying His Way (Gambling With Love) by Lane Hart 0.99~05/07/16

Always His (Crazed Devotion Book 1) by C A Harms 2.99~05/09/16

Hustler by Meghan Quinn & Jessica Prince 3.99~05/09/16

Forever Betrayed: Forever Bluegrass #3 by Kathleen Brooks 4.99~05/09/16

One Pink Rose (Clayborne Brides Book 1) by Julie Garwood 2.99~05/09/16

Three Wishes (Dreams Come True Book 3) by Emma Nichols 0.99~05/09/16

Pushing Her Luck (Lucky in Love Book 1) by Audra North 3.99~05/09/16

Getting His Way: Sapphire Falls book seven by Erin Nicholas 1.99~05/10/16

Honor Me (Men of Inked Book 6) by Chelle Bliss 3.99~05/10/16

A Tempting Friendship (Clover Park, Book 10) by Kylie Gilmore 3.99~05/10/16

Tessa's Turn (West Series Book 9) by Jill Sanders 3.99~05/10/16

Prowled Darkness (Dante's Circle Book 7) by Carrie Ann Ryan 3.99~05/10/16

His to Love: A Fireside Novel by Stacey Lynn 2.99~05/10/16

Glitter on the Web by Ginger Voight 2.99~05/10/16

On the Hunt (The Sentinels) by Alexandra Ivy 1.99~05/10/16

The Deliverance of Dilan (The Syndicate Series Book 4) by Kathy Coopmans 2.99~05/10/16

Crave Me: The Good Ol' Boys by M Robinson 2.99

Talon by Shevawn Michelle 0.99

His to Love: A Fireside Novel by Stacey Lynn 2.99

Deadly Memories (Hardy Brothers Security Book 18) by Lily Harper Hart 2.99

Wrong Place, Right Time (The Bourbon Street Boys Book 2) by Elle Casey 4.99

Falling Under You: A Fixed Trilogy Novella (1001 Dark Nights) by Laurelin Paige 2.99

Finding Alana by Meg Farrell 2.99

The Broken Trilogy: Books 1-3 by J L Drake 0.99

For The One (Gaming The System Book 5) by Brenna Aubrey 3.99

Her Daring SEAL (Midnight Delta Book 5) by Caitlyn O'Leary 2.99

Hetch (Men OF S.W.A.T Book 1) by River Savage 3.99~05/11/16

The Crush Dilemma (Dear Aubrey Book 1) by Susan Hatler 3.99~05/15/16

The Bad Boy's Baby (Hope Springs) by Cindi Madsen 3.99~05/16/16

J. R. Ward The Moorehouse Legacy Complete Collection: The Rebel\The Player\The Renegade\The Rogue by J R Ward 4.99~05/16/16

Addicted to You: Volume 1 (Millionaire's Row) by Vanessa Brooke 0.99~05/16/16

Invisible by L A Reminicky 0.99~05/17/16

COMING HOME: a collection by Amy Harmon, et al 0.99~05/17/16

Thirty-Six and a Half Motives: Rose Gardner Mystery #9 (Rose Gardner Mystery Series) by Denise Grover Swank 4.99~05/17/16

Fooling Around by Noelle Adams 2.99~05/17/16

The Reverse of Perfection (Bad Decisions Book 2) by Christi Barth 2.99~05/17/16

The Prince & The Player: Dirty Cinderella by Tia Louise 2.99~05/17/16

The Wedding Dress: The Inheritance (Texas Hearts Book 7) by Lisa Mondello 3.99~05/17/16

Moving Target (The Target Series Book 3) by Marquita Valentine 4.99~05/17/16

Heart Breaker: A Nashville Nights Novel by Erin McCarthy 3.99~05/17/16

Good Girl (Love Unexpectedly) by Lauren Layne 3.99~05/17/16

Too Hot to Handle (Romancing the Clarksons) by Tessa Bailey 2.99~05/17/16

Dirty Girl (Dirty Girl Duet Book 1) by Meghan March 3.99~05/17/16

Seduced: The Wicked Woodleys by Jess Michaels 2.99~05/17/16

The Key West Anthology by C A Harms 0.99~05/17/16

Insta-Hate (The Instant Gratification Series Book 1) by Casey L Bond 2.99

Gagged by Aubrey Parker 0.99

Love Multiplied (A Ten Book Contemporary Romance Box Set) by K S Thomas 0.99

Educating Ethan: A Sexy Romance Novella by Jennifer Lynne 0.99

Rogues (A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology Book 1) by Elle James, et al 0.99

Sin & Secrets (New York Crime Kings Book 2) by Skyla Madi 3.99~05/17/16

Shelter for Elizabeth (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 5) by Susan Stoker 3.99

Bayward Street by Addison Jane 2.99~05/19/16

Bet on Me (Bet on Love Series Book 2) by Rachel Higginson 2.99~05/19/16

A Right To Remain by Beth Rinyu 2.99~05/20/16

In The Red: Nomad Bikers (Devil's Due MC Book 1) by Chelsea Camaron 2.99~05/23/16

Manacle (MC Sinners Next Generation Book 3) by Bella Jewel 3.99~05/23/16

Gun Moll by Bethany-Kris 3.99~05/23/16

Deception (Mafia Ties Book 1) by Fiona Davenport 0.99~05/23/16

The Her Series Box Set by Alexis Noelle 5.99~05/23/16

Owned (Rockstar Romance) (Lost in Oblivion Book 5) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott 2.99~05/23/16

The Dom Games by Rachel Robinson 0.99~05/23/16

Untamed: (Heath & Violet) (Beg For It) by Callie Harper 2.99~05/23/16

Take Me Higher: (A Chicago Mafia Syndicate) (Castaletta Book 1) by Ali Parker 0.99~05/24/16

Sugar Daddy: A Sugar Bowl Novel by Sawyer Bennett 3.99~05/24/16

Taken By You (Killer Next Door Series Book 2) by Carlie Sexton 3.99~05/24/16

Charged: A Saints of Denver Novel by Jay Crownover 4.99~05/24/16

Easy For Keeps: A Boudreaux Novella (The Boudreaux Series) by Kristen Proby 2.99~05/24/16

How To Save A Life by Andria Large 3.49~05/24/16

Until June: Until Her Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds 3.99~05/24/16

Stripped by Abby Niles 0.99~05/24/16

Glass Ceilings: A True Heroes Novel by A M Madden 3.99~05/24/16

Game Maker by BJ Harvey 2.99~05/26/16

Imperfect Bastard by Pamela Ann 2.99~05/27/16

Reckless Beat Boxed Set by Eden Summers 0.99~05/29/16

Disgrace by Dee Palmer 0.99~05/29/16

Bound to Serve (Dangerous Liaisons) by Julie Castle 3.99~05/30/16

Learning Curves by Cathryn Fox 1.99~05/30/16

Shameless (Playboys in Love) by Gina L Maxwell 3.99~05/30/16

Delivered (The Monster Trilogy Book 3) by Marissa Farrar 3.99~05/30/16

One Good Reason (A Boston Love Story Book 3) by Julie Johnson 2.99~05/30/16

Danger (Mafia Ties Book 2) by Fiona Davenport 0.99~05/31/16

Unbreakable: Unrequited Part Two (Fallen Aces MC Book 2) by Max Henry 3.99~05/31/16

Protecting His Own (Masters of the Shadowlands Book 11) by Cherise Sinclair 4.99~05/31/16

Hold You Against Me: A Stripped Standalone by Skye Warren 3.99~05/31/16

Empire (Eagle Elite Book 7) by Rachel Van Dyken 2.99~05/31/16

Fulfilling Promises (Red Starr, Book Five) by Kennedy Layne 4.99~05/31/16

Only for the Night (If Only Book 2) by Ella Sheridan 3.99~05/31/16

Bewitching Winter: A Sexy New Zealand Romance (The Four Seasons Book 3) by Serenity Woods 3.99~05/31/16

Wicked Love (Wicked White Series Book 3) by Michelle A Valentine 4.99~05/31/16

Cold Hearted (Cold Justice Book 6) by Toni Anderson 4.99~05/31/16

Unexpected Circumstances: The Handmaid by Shay Savage 0.99~05/31/16

Ransom (Dead Man's Ink Series Book 3) by Callie Hart 3.99~05/31/16

Smoke & Metal (New York Crime Kings Book 3) by Skyla Madi 3.99~05/31/16

Dirty Love (Dirty Girl Duet Book 2) by Meghan March 3.99~05/31/16

Prime Minister (Frisky Beavers Book 1) by Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller 2.99~05/31/16

Constant Craving (Task Force Hawaii Book 3) by Melissa Schroeder 3.99~05/31/16

Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas 6.99~05/31/16

Offbeat (Love and Music In Texas Book 5) by Nikki Lynn Barrett 3.99~05/31/16

Everywhere and Every Way (The Billionaire Builders Book 1) by Jennifer Probst 7.99~05/31/16

Demand (Careless Whispers Book 2) by Lisa Renee Jones 7.99~05/31/16

The Wicked Duke: Wicked Trilogy by Madeline Hunter 7.99~05/31/16

The Ghost (The Highland Guard Book 12) by Monica McCarty 6.99~05/31/16

Torn: LOST Series #4 by Cynthia Eden 4.99~05/31/16

Sweet Jayne by K Webster 3.99~05/31/16

Tainted Love (A Lovestruck Novella Book 1) by Lane Hart 0.99~05/31/16

Lana and the Laird (Untamed Highlanders) by Sabrina York 7.99~05/31/16

The Fairest of Them All: Marrying the Duke by Cathy Maxwell 6.99~05/31/16

Stacked Up: Worth the Fight Series by Sydney Halston 2.99~05/31/16

Under The Surface: An Alpha Ops Novel by Anne Calhoun 7.99~05/31/16

Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane) by Elizabeth Hoyt 6.99~05/31/16

Hooker by J L Perry 3.99~05/31/16


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