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~My 5 Star Review of Happenstance by M J Abraham~

Happenstance (A Second Chance, #1)Happenstance by M.J. Abraham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really really enjoyed this book. The events that took place were very realistic in my opinion. It is always interesting for me when I discover new authors and see what works for some but might not work for others. Well in reading Happenstance I fell in love with the characters, Victoria, her grandmother Abu, her brother Andres, her best friend Maggie but especially Dr. Owens aka Jared.

The story begins with Victoria who never thought she would find herself divorced at the young age of 25. She decides to move, gets a new teaching job, finds a new place to live and basically starts a new life for herself and away from her past. Her trust has been broken as well as her heart, due to her ex-husband, Eric's infidelity. So when something unfortunate happens and she hits a little dog with her car, she finds herself taking him to a local vet. It is there where she will meet Dr. Owens (Jared) and there is an immediate attraction.

After a brief encounter which ultimately turns into a few dates thereafter, Victoria finds herself questioning everything and guarding her heart. She is lonely and trying to enjoy her time with Jared but she doesn't want to admit that what they share is nothing more than casual. Her best friend, Maggie decides to set her up on a date with Steven, a banker. 

Now Victoria finds herself attracted to both men but will soon learn that it is Jared she is most attracted to and wanting to spend her time with. A few unpleasant and unhappy things take place but Jared is so sweet, patient and most of all understanding. I just don't think there was anything I didn't like about him. 

I highly recommend this book. It is a short, sweet read and my only complaint was that it was too short. I think there was a lot of underlying things one could learn from this story and that for me is something I thoroughly enjoy.

I laughed, I got caught up in the heat of the passionate moments between Jared and Victoria, I cried and then I smiled. I loved the T-shirts, when Jared called her V and the banter between the two of them. It worked for me and I hope it works for you. This is Ms. Abraham's first book and I think she did a fantastic job. I look forward to her others. I was given an ARC of this book, from the author, for an honest review.

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