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Tangled (Tangled, #1)Tangled by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two words: Fucking Hilarious!! By far one of the most well written, funniest books I have ever read, right up there with Tara Sivec's Seduction and Snacks. (I need to read the 2nd & 3rd)

Great characters, great story, great ending and never a dull moment!

The story is told from Drew's point of view and he is arrogant, confident, rich, a male whore, truthful and downright hilarious! You will fall in love with him no doubt about it.

Tangled starts with a very sick Drew. He thinks he has the Flu. (1% in I am LMAO)

Have you ever noticed some of the worst sicknesses in history have a lyrical sound to them? Words like malaria, diarrhea, cholera. Do you think they do that on purpose? To make it a nice way to say you feel like something that dropped out of your dog's ass?

Then we meet The Bitch, who he refers to throughout the book, as his sister Alexandra, she shows up at his apartment to get him out of his funk and his act together!! You see Drew has fallen in love!

"It finally happened." "What happened?" "What you've been wishing on me all these years," I whisper. "I fell in love."

Rewind four months earlier and we are told Drew's story. He is a successful investment banker and on his typical Saturday night out, he encounters a very beautiful woman, Kate Roberts. What he doesn't know is that she knows who he is once he mentions where he works and later Drew has found himself in shock because Kate will be working with him as well.

This seems to pose a problem for Drew. You see he doesn't fornicate with ANYONE at the office, therefore making this quite possibly the hardest, but most entertaining for all of us, thing he has had to do. Did I mention that Kate is also engaged to Billy.

The two of them start their business relationship together and Drew finds himself wanting to throw all his rules out the window.

See me there, at my desk, mumbling like a goddamn schizophrenic off his meds?

He is pretty much used to getting what he wants and naturally he wants Kate. Then the unthinkable happens and Drew as well as Kate find themselves competing against each other to have the best presentation and win over a particular client.

OMG one of the funniest parts in the book is reading and visualizing the lengths that these two go to for their presentation which is for Drew's father to see and decide on which one is best. They literally act like children, but underneath all their nit picking, finger giving, shin kicking, you can see that chemistry and that attraction they both have for one another.

As I check my briefcase to leave for my meeting. I realize this attraction-no, that's not a strong enough word-this need that I have for Kate Brooks isn't just going to go away. I can try and fight it, but I'm only a man, for God's sake. Left unresolved, my desire for her could turn my office, the place I love, into a torture chamber of sexual frustration. I can't let that happen.

As these two continue to play cat and mouse we are also entertained with the other characters in the book as well. His friends, his sister, The Bitch, her husband Steven, Billy, Kate's fiance, whom you just know isn't the one for Kate, Delores, the chemist and last but not least 4 year old Mackenzie, Alexandra's daughter! I love that little girl! She had me rolling when this convo happened, Alexandra says

It's the estrogen. It gives us ESP. If you had a vagina, you'd know too." Mackenzie raises her hand proudly. "I have a bagina."

So what happens with Billy, Kate and Drew well go get the book and find out!! I really don't want to give much more away because I want you to read and experience this story for yourself, if you haven't yet.

I highly recommend it because it is fantastic. I never laughed so hard and highlighted so much!!! It will be worth every penny you spend trust me!! One last quote which pretty much describes me

I don't usually do live plants. My thumb's about as green as Morticia Adams's.

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