Sunday, September 7, 2014

~Happy 2 Year Blogiversary to Bookhooking fka Kindlehooked~09/07/14

Happy 2 year Blogiversary to my blog, Bookhooking!

Well yesterday was technically my blogiversary but I didn't get my post up.  I like to take my time and write an honest post so here goes.

Many changes and lessons learned later, here I am heading into round/year 3 BUT I still love what I do and I will continue to blog for as long as I can.

If you are new then welcome and let me tell you a little bit about myself.  If you have been with me from the get go then I am so blessed and thankful you are still here.

A little bit about me:  I work full time.  I have a beautiful, intelligent, teenage (lord help me get through these teenage years ;) lol) daughter, Mallory, who is in the 8th grade.  I have a wonderful, loving and very supportive boyfriend who is also an indie author here are his books.  I have an addiction to books of all kinds.  I am also a crafter of jewelry and handmade cards.  I blog because I love books.  Unfortunately I am not able to read as much as I want to because life just gets in the damn way ;0)

Needless to say I stay busy!!

Reasons why I blog.

I blog to bring everyone information on books, new or old, authors, new or old and daily lists of sales and new releases.  It takes a lot of time to compose such lists as I try to make them different every day but I enjoy that.  I am an Amazon stalker lol.  I know how crazy life can be and some people have less time than I do so hopefully my posts will help you and inform you.  I also have a giveaway every Friday.  It may not be much but hey if I win a book of any kind I am happy. 

So you see there are many reasons why I blog.

Things I appreciate and am thankful for as a blogger:

  1. My Followers/Fans/Friends/Authors/Bloggers
  2. When my tweets get retweets~it doesn't happen very often but it's exciting when it does.
  3. Every comment, every like, every compliment, every tag, every email subscriber, every stalker and every single friend I have made.
  4. Every book recommendation and every person that references/refers my blog for one reason or another.
  5. Stories lots and lots of stories.
Things I have learned:
  1. There are still not enough hours in the day!  I really wish someone would fix this LOL
  2. Email NEVER stops and well neither does time
  3. CHANGE is inevitable in EVERYTHING
  4. There are some nasty people in the world and yes this includes other bloggers and authors.  Sorry it's The Ugly Truth~btw love that movie.
Things I love as a blogger:
  1. Authors
  2. Books in any form!
  3. Sales
  4. Signings (okay so I have only been to one but it was awesome)
  5. Swag~I have a special container I keep it all in :)
  6. Signed Books
  7. When I win giveaways of course!
Things I don't care for as a blogger:

  1. DRAMA!!! so I avoid it.
  2. Finding Pirate Sites and when I do I report them privately to authors.
  3. Competition so I don't compete ;)
  4. Bad behavior that exists among authors and bloggers that I will not be a part of.
New Things that have happened in the past year:

  1. Sadly I had to change my name :0(  I used to be Kindlehooked but Amazon didn't like that so with the help of my friends and fans Bookhooking became my new name.  I will always be kindlehooked at heart though.
  2. I joined Tumbler and Instagram go me LOL.  
  3. I reopened my Etsy store and I am proud to say I have over 100 items listed.    
  4. I went to my fist signing in December of 2013 and it was fantastic.  I met some wonderful authors and people that I have become friends with on Facebook.
  5. I created this post here this year that I have fun with adding to every so often :)
My blog has not grown much in the past six months compared to other blogs BUT you know what?  I am okay with that.  I like knowing who follows me and who talks to me, I guess it makes it a little more personal and for that I am eternally grateful.  I am happy with my blog, what I do and extremely proud of my accomplishments.  I don't like to lose followers or subscribers but I understand it happens!  I have learned so much!  The good the bad and the ugly.

Here is a list of authors that I had the pleasure of meeting at the Richmond Author signing event in December of 2013:

Emma Chase
Charles Sheehan-Miles
Andrea Randall
Maggie Myers
Raine Millery
Katie Ashley
Laura Kaye
Jennifer Armentrout
Rebecca Donovan
R K Lilly
Aleatha Romig
Cassie Leo
K A Tucker
Michelle Valentine and her lovely assistant Holly Malgieri
Michelle Leighton
E L Montes
Karina Halle
K A Linde
Amelie Fisher
Georgia Cates
Cora Carmack
Amy Bartol

People I have come to admire and respect for my own personal reasons:

Kathy Womack
Rebecca Shea
Angie McKeon
Fran Gold
Sue Stewart
Leslie Trimble
Sloan Johnson
Kathryn Perez
Aimee Pachorek
Tonya Bass Allen
J L Mac
L B Simmons
Holly Malgieri
Katie Ashley
Tara Sivec
Sandy Roman Borrero
Claire Contreras
Fred LeBaron
Mollie Kay Harper
Jessica Sotelo
Sarah Dosher
Molly McAdams
Tonya Bass Allen
S L Jennings
Vilma Gonzalez
Melanie Dawn
Heather Gunter
Gail McHugh
L U Ann
Angela Lane

There are some things I miss, some things I avoid but there are also things I see because I pay attention.  I read, I stalk and I check my notifications.  I may not always comment or post much on Facebook but sometimes there is a good reason.  On the other hand I am very vocal and honest.

I am a very realistic person and at the same time optimistic.  I am not racist nor do I judge any book, literally or otherwise, by it's cover.  It takes a lot to make me angry and when I finally blow up it won't be pretty.  I am extremely passionate about a variety of things.  I am a patient person for the most part but not all the time.  I was raised to treat people the way I would want to be treated.  I respect everyone until I am given a reason not to.  I am honest, faithful and loyal.

Life is way too short!!  Enjoy it while you can because we are never guaranteed tomorrow. 

Well I guess that is it in a nutshell.  It's not quite as long as last year but if I think of anything else I will add it to the list.  I am completely positive I forgot something LOL.  I look forward to another year of blogging and I hope you will all hang with me. 

I do want to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you!  I will say it a thousand times.  I appreciate, am thankful for and enjoy all of you!

Here is a link to my one year blogiversary post if you are interested.  My One Year Post


  1. Happy 2-year blogiversary! Well said, and I always appreciate your honesty and integrity. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in year 3. ♥

  2. Congrats again!
    Bookhooking continues to be one of my fave blogs/facebook pages/emails to follow. Keep up the great work!

  3. I haven't followed you from the very beginning but I wasn't too far behind... congratulations on your success and THANK YOU so much for all you do to keep us updated and posted on the upcoming releases, specials and great reads. We probably don't say it enough, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    1. Thank you and you are so very welcome :0)

  4. Happy 2nd Year Blogiversary! What a great year and how wonderful to meet so many great authors/people! :)

  5. Happy blogiversary Tanya!!! May you celebrate many many more! Thank you for always feeding our one click addiction! <3