Wednesday, October 21, 2015

~HAPPY HUMP DAY~Eye Candy, E-books & What to read Wednesday?~10/21/15

~Price Drops & Great Priced E-books~

Ruthless: A Mafia Step-Brother Romance by Alexis Abbott 0.99

Roped In: An Armed & Dangerous Novel by L P Dover 0.99

Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love Book 1) by Lisa DeJong 0.99

Designer Desires by Kasey Martin 0.99

The Art of Stealing Hearts by Stella London 0.99

Going Nowhere by R S Burton 0.99

All The Glory by Elle Casey 1.99

The Biker's Property (An Alpha Motorcycle Club Romance) (Ghosts of the Prairie Motorcycle Club Series Book 1) by Regina Fox 0.99

Tempted by Trouble (Bad Boys Book 1) by Susan Arden 1.99

Tangled Vines by Melissa Collins 0.99

~New Releases~

The Absence of Olivia by Anie Michaels 0.99

Priceless Treasure: The Lost Andersons - Book Four by Melody Anne 3.99

Rip by Rachel Van Dyken 2.99

Lawless: Mob Boss Book Three by Michelle St. James 3.99

Wicked Restless (Harper Boys Book 2) by Ginger Scott 3.99

From the Wreckage by Melissa Collins 2.99

Before the Storm by Leslie Tentler 3.99

Inked Brotherhood Bundle (Books 1-3) by Jo Raven 4.99

Crave by B J Harvey 2.99

Playing Hard to Master (Masters Unleashed Book 2) by Sparrow Beckett 2.99

Brake: A Serialized Dark Romantic Suspense (The Redline Series Book 3) by Skye Callahan 3.99

In a book rut or a book funk?  Not sure what to read next?  Well I thought I might share with you a book or two you could try and if you would like to share a book or two as well please leave a comment below :)


Merrick Thatcher went through a hell that no one could possibly imagine. He fought to protect his country, his family, and the men standing at his side, but it wasn't just being a soldier overseas that changed him. He watched his friends die in front of him, felt indescribable pain, and lost his sight in the very same moment. 

Badly injured, blind, and angry, he's done with war, but now he’s fighting his own battle. So, he’s waiting for it to end, spending his days and nights in a thick darkness no light can penetrate. Until Grace walks into his life and his broken eyes open to a woman that changes everything for him. 

A story about two flawed souls finding love amidst the grief. A love that shines vividly, even in the dark, and discovering that sometimes being broken is how the light gets in. 

For readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations

~Pre-Orders/Coming Soon~

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Of course I don't have them all but I will continuously add to the list. As you know some indie authors don't have their new releases up for pre-order but I will always list them as soon as they are available.

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