Saturday, December 19, 2015

~WEEKEND READING~E-book Deals & New Releases~12/19/15 & 12/20/15

~Price Drops & Great Priced E-books~

Out of Plans (The Mercenaries Book 2) by Stylo Fantome 0.99

Best Laid Plans (The Mercenaries Book 1) by Stylo Fantome 0.99

The Deal (Off-Campus Book 1) by Elle Kennedy 0.99

Complicate Me: The Good Ol' Boys by M Robinson 0.99

Hero Book 1 - The Assignment: A Military Romance by M S Parker 0.99

Hero Book 2 - The Ambush: Military Romance by M S Parker 0.99

Hero Book 3 - The Battle: Military Romance by M S Parker 0.99

Stitch: Satan's Fury MC by L Wilder 0.99

An Indecent Proposal: The Interview by J C Reed & Jackie Steele 0.99

Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram 0.99

~New Releases~

Without a Doubt by Lindsay Paige 2.99~12/18/15

Royal Savage by Victoria Ashley 0.99~12/18/15

The Sheik's Baby Surprise (The Boarding School Series Book 4) by Elizabeth Lennox 2.99

Faking It (Homefront: The Sheridans Book 3) by Kate Aster 2.99

Sweet Soul (Sweet Home Book 5) by Tillie Cole 2.99

Cockney: A Stepbrother Romance by Aubrey Irons 0.99

Lullabye (Rockstar Book 6) by Anne Mercier 1.99

The Aftermath by R J Prescott 3.99

Happily Ever After: A Day in the Life of the HEA by J A Huss 0.99

The Redemption of Roan (The Syndicate Series Book 2) by Kathy Coopmans 2.99

~Pre-Orders/Coming Soon~

You can now click the following link to see all the New Releases for the entire month of December!

Of course I don't have them all but I will continuously add to the list. As you know some indie authors don't have their new releases up for pre-order but I will always list them as soon as they are available.

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