Monday, September 17, 2012


Can we have a do over of today?  I think it was last Monday that I ripped my daughter's shorts, well this Monday was a little worse but I am sure many will say it can always be worse than that.  So what happened you say?  Well my beloved, 12 year old, almost 13 but hey who is counting, Ford Exploda decided that the battery just wasn't doing it for her anymore (yes, I call my truck a she) so I had to replace my car battery.  Now granted it could have been much worse but you know for it to happen on a Monday and there is always hope that it will last just a little longer.  Yeah, well, ummm, NO!  It had to be replaced today or I wouldn't be going anywhere.  I can only hope that the rest of this week and my next Monday will be a lot better than my past two.

On a brighter note this Monday is almost OVAH!

I hope your day was better and brighter and this too shall pass..............

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