Sunday, July 14, 2013

~Sunday Snippets (okay maybe not snippets) oops from Kindlehooked~Keeping All My Kindlehookers informed!


When I started blogging in September 2012, I never in a million years realized it would be so much work yet so much fun, which for me, the fun, by far out weighs the work.  Why do I do it, you ask?  The answer is simple really.  I do it because I love books and reading and most of all because of you all, authors, family, friends, fans, bloggers etc.  I have met some amazing, fantastic fucking people and I love it!  I am so glad I decided to start kindlehooked and I hope you are too!  I <3 each and everyone of you and I thank you all for following, supporting and sharing with each other!  

~Email Subscriptions to Kindlehooked~

Recently I had to change from Feedburner to Feedblitz.  Best thing I ever did, really.  While Feedburner is FREE, it stopped working, so I now pay for Feedblitz and I LOVE IT!!  No regrets switching at all!!  What happened?  All of a sudden people were not receiving my emails and I was NOT happy about this.  I did everything to try and fix the problem with Feedburner with no such luck, so I said screw it and maybe a few other not so nice words! Now, I know a lot of you are hesitant to sign up for emails, because if you are like myself, you receive a TON of them.  Between home and work I have three accounts.  But, I am happy to let you all know that you will NOT be bombarded from me with numerous emails during any given day.  You will receive one daily and at the most two.  I sincerely hope you have subscribed so that you don't miss any great bargains, chances to win some awesome prizes, cover reveals and book reviews.

~Amazon Store on my Facebook Page~

I am so excited about this.  With the help of an amazing friend and blogger, Kathy Womack, at Romantic Reading Escapes, whom you should follow and  check out as well, I was able to add an Amazon Store to my Facebook page Kindlehooked.  It is called Book Bargains. Basically it is just for ebooks and books in print, in the romance category, that just makes it more convenient for you all.  If you just so happen to be on my Facebook page, you can click it to check it out without having to go directly to Amazon :0)


I have giveaways every single Friday, here on the blog.  They start at midnight on Thursday's and end on Friday night at midnight.  They are so much fun and while I pay for the majority of the ebooks that I give away, there are some awesome authors out there that contribute as well.  I will always mention it when they do so we can thank them.  It is very important that you check your SPAM folder.  I have had numerous people that have won and never responded therefore they missed their chance :(.  I believe this is because the emails, from me, went to their Spam folder so please check them because if you enter giveaways like I do, most everyone sends emails to their winners.  I don't want you to miss it!

I will be planning my next big giveaway in September.  It will be for my 1 year anniversary and the good Lord willing I will be able to give you all a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite.  I am so excited about this!!  I will also be ordering Kindlehooked decals as well as ink pens to contribute to giveaways.  Who doesn't like an ink pen?  Anyway, these things cost money so I will be getting them as soon as I can, so stay tuned!!

~Helping Authors~

I love helping Authors.  I may not be able to read all the books that are out there but I will help them in anyway I can.  There are several ways YOU can also help them.  You can write a review and post it on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  It doesn't even have to be a very long one!!  Word of mouth and social media is an amazing thing!  You can also like their Facebook pages, as well as their Author pages on Amazon, and become a fan on Goodreads!

~Helping Bloggers~

I also love helping bloggers!  I have helped some and they have helped me.  You can help them as well by liking/following their Facebook pages, following their blogs and sharing them with the world.  You don't have to do any of the things I mention, of course, but most bloggers I know are loving and generous and passionate about what they do.

~Positive and Negative, Pros & Cons~

Unfortunately I have seen some negative things in the book/blogger world but I have also seen some positive things as well.  I for one choose to focus on the positive.  Life is too short and I don't have time for drama.  I will help anyone that I can and I will share anything that I can, it doesn't matter to me if the recipient will do the same or not.  I am a giver, it's in my nature.  I am responsible for my words, my blog, my reviews and my actions only!  I will respect each and every one of you and treat you the way that I would want to be treated!
I do express myself  in many different ways and I do share what I consider comical pictures.  If this bothers you I am sorry but I won't change it.  I like humor and sometime this involves profanity.  Hey I don't drink or smoke so I have to have some form of vice right?

~About Me~

I know that most of you know I work full time and for those that don't, well you do now lol.  I used to be able to do more during the day, on Facebook, but unfortunately I can't now and quite frankly I hate Facebooking from my phone, just ask the girl's in Angie's Dreamy Readers.  This is why you don't see me much during the day anymore just in case you missed me ;0)

I am also not a fast reader and I get a lot of requests from authors to read their books and believe me I HATE SAYING NO but I just can't read them all!  I will however, say I am sorry to them because I just don't have the time.  I truly wish I did.  I blog by myself, which I love, but as we all know there is only so much time in a day.  This is why you don't see a review every day or every other day on Kindlehooked.  I like to take my time reading, I read every word and  this helps me create a review that shows my passion for the book I have read.

~Busy few weeks ahead~

See the blog tour buttons on the right?  Yep, I have to read and review for all of them except one.  My stops are as follows:

Serendipity-Promo Post on Wednesday July 17th

No Going Back-Review Post on Friday July 19th

Fear of Falling-Review Post on Saturday July 20th

Pulse-Review Post on Sunday July 28th

Resplendent-Review Post on Monday July 29th

Unbreakable-Review Post on Saturday August 4th

Not to mention some great cover reveals in between :0)  Do you see why my head is spinning HOW DID ALL ^^^^^^^ THAT HAPPEN?  LOL 

Subject to change of course!

I will SHUT UP NOW!  (I know you are secretly saying Thank God)  I can type, write and chat with the best of em!!


Thank you to each and everyone of the girls in Angie's Dreamy Readers for listening to MY SHIT!  Thank you to Kathy Womack for bringing me a new friendship I am so incredibly grateful for and the same goes for Angie McKeon.  Thank you Angie for also including me in everything that you do and are able too.  Thank you to ALL my fellow bloggers and just to name a few, Becs Glass, Liz Murach, Mollie Kay Harper, Kathy Womack, Angie McKeon, Danielle Hoover, The Beckys OMG the list is never ending!!  Thank you to ALL my fans/ followers,  Sue Stewart, Glenda Sue Wilson-Smith, Tonya Bass Allen, Jessica Ryba, Lisa Petty, Amber Vaughn just to name a few and if you are one of these likes LIKES I thank you too. Thank you to ALL AUTHORS even if I don't read your genre!  A special thank you to my daughter, Mallory and my boyfriend, Kevin who tolerate my incessant need to read, blog and be on the laptop or kindle.  Thank you to my everyday friends and family who listen to me (even though they don't get it or understand how much joy this brings to me).

Until my need to rant again!!



  1. made me a sappy sobber. I ♥ you and am so glad to have met you through this crazy world of blogging!

    1. What the heck, how come my heart didn't work like yours?? I call favoritism!!! LOL

    2. sowy to make you a sappy sobber lol but <3 you and it all had to be said :D

  2. I love your freaking guts, Tanya!!!!! <3

  3. Awww...Becs and I <3 you, too!! Mwah!

    And now I must figure out how you put your bookstore on your FB page....bwahahahahaha ;-)

  4. aw, thank you for all you do! Kindlehooked remains one of the fb pages/blogs I have to check everyday - most the time, more than once!
    Jessica Ryba