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~My Five Star Review of Sex Unlimited Volume 2 by Kathryn Perez~07/26/14


I had no idea one simple decision would bring on so many complications.

All I wanted from him was a no strings attached sexual arrangement.

Little did I know I would get more than I bargained for.

The Unlimited Series continues as Candace and Brisban discover there's more to their relationship than just SEX.

Note **This is a serial series. Each volume is a part in a serial, not a novella. Each volume is between 50-70 pages in length.** 

SEX Unlimited Volume 1: Available now
SEX Unlimited Volume 2: Available now
SEX Unlimited Volume 3: Coming August 2014
SEX Unlimited Volume 4: Coming September 2014

~My Five Star Review~

Five Triple 'S' Stars (sexy, sensual & sizzling)

Wow!  Holy friggin jaw droppin, short serial, Brisban, man!!  Kathryn we have to talk I need Volume 3 like last week.   LOL!  Seriously loving this serial series. 

Volume 2 picks up right where volume one leaves off.  I must say these are short but they pack a punch and I highly recommend them.  They have Brisban, who according to Janette, Candace's, hilarious, best friend, quotes him as...

"You lucky bitch.  He's packing and eats pussy like it's his job.  What's that website again?

Janette is a great character and friend, told it like it was and had me laughing out loud.

"Oh for the love of your vagina get over yourself."

We also begin to see things change between Brisban and Candace as he becomes more needy and protective of her.

"I don't want you to go."

"Stay the night with me."

"I don't need that website.  I found what I need."

"You're what I need." 

Unfortunately Candace's ex husband decides to show his face a few times wanting forgiveness but I was proud of her when she stood her ground.

"You made your choice over a year ago when you fucked your secretary.  You don't get to come back now and find forgiveness on my doorstep."

Now the sensual, sizzling and sexual chemistry is most definitely still there and I feel, after reading this, the ladies will be drooling over Brisban quite possibly even more.  I know I did.


What will Candace do and how will she react to Brisban's changing ways and just like the synopsis says what more has she bargained for?

CLIFFHANGER-YES however I loved it and I can't wait to see where things go.

So what are you waiting for?  Go get em!!  You don't have long to wait in between them and they are great for a quick in between read.

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