Friday, July 25, 2014

~TGIF Fun Friday Giveaway, Price Drops & New Releases~07/25/14

~Price Drops & Great Priced E-books~

Breaking Brandon (Fate Book 2) by Elizabeth Reyes 0.99

Four Letters by Lisa M Harley 0.99

Long After (Sometimes Never Book 3) by Cheryl McIntyre 0.99

Irreparable: The Irreparable Series Box Set (Books 1&2) by K J Bell 0.99 

Destined to Succeed (Destined Series Book 2) by Lisa M Harley 0.99

Destined to Change (Destined Series Book 1) by Lisa M Harley 0.99

His Call (Call #2.5) by Emma Hart 0.99

Deer in Headlights (Good Gods 1) (Good Gods Series) by Staci Hart 0.99 

Snake in the Grass (Good Gods 2) by Staci Hart 0.99 

Hers By Request by Karen Ann Dell 0.99 Contemporary Romance 

Learning to Breathe by Joanne McClean 0.99 Young Adult Romance

~New Releases~

The Token 7: Thorn by Marata Eros 2.99~07/25/14

Found In Us (Lost Series) by Layla Hagen 0.99

Lie To Me (Sexual Misconduct Volume III) by Bethany Bazille 0.99

The Littlest Cowboy (The Texas Brands Book 1) by Maggie Shayne 2.99

Twisted Luck (Run of Luck Book 1) by Julie Solorio 2.99 Romantic Comedy

Devil's Prey (A Dance With The Devil Novel #1) (Dance With The Devil Trilogy) by S E Chardou 3.99 

How I became Lotus Raine...the porn star by Erika Ashby 2.99 

Restoring Hope by C P Smith 2.99

Craving Absolution (The Aces Book 3) by Nicole Jacquelyn 3.99 

Hard Roads by Lily White 3.99 Romance Suspense 

~Pre-Orders/Coming Soon~

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Tell me something, do you ever randomly pick your next book to read?


  1. YES, I'll see a book posted on FB - decide I must have it - 1 CLICK - Forsake all others and read it next! I sit each week and plan out the books I'll read for the week - check off at the end of the week what I actually read - while shaking my head! Lots of new releases this week that just cut right in line! LOL Have a great weekend Tanya! XO Sue

  2. Well, that depends. If you mean do I pick up a book to read without knowing what it is about...never. I am not that brave. But, I do make reading decisions spontaneously all the time. I will see one that interests me and start it almost immediately. msdebms(at)aol(dot)com

  3. After I finish a series I do just that, random.

  4. TGIF! Yes, I'll browse through my too long Kindle TBR and select a book that just strikes my fancy in that moment or perhaps from a facebook posting that sounds interesting and fits my mood. Enjoy the weekend! zita at aol dot com

  5. Well I do have a verrrrry long tbr list and when I plan on reading a certain book next I have a squirrel moment when I see a good review and start that book instead.... haha
    kgagnon (at) donofrio (dot) cc

  6. Yes I randomly pick my next read all the time because there are so many books waiting to be read on my kindle! Have a GREAT weekend :) exbuffalo2001(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. I have so many books that it's so hard to choose my next one.

  8. I will pick a random book every once in a while, I have so many on my kindle I will say enny meany and that is the one I will read next

  9. I usually do that when I'm in a reading slump and can't find that next great read.

  10. I do randomly pick my next book on occasion. I usually see a blurb on Facebook or in an e-mail that reminds me of the book that's been on my Kindle forever, so I'll pull it up. Happy Friday! McElroyJ at gmail dot com

  11. Not so much. I usually have about 5 books that I really want to read and go back and read the blurbs a few times until one sticks out more. Mkris331 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. Absolutely!

  13. I think I pick a lot of books at random!

  14. Sometimes I pick a book randomly.

    pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

  15. all the time

  16. I pick at random book every so often.
    Djharmony070399 (at) aol (dot) com

  17. Yes, but i have too many seroes that i need to catch up on. mrdewell112(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. I have before just closed my eyes and pointed to one on my Kindle.
    rachiemarie11(at) gmail (dot) com

  19. I never just spin the wheel to choose but I've been known to skip the one I have in mind and browse my library for another. I do that all of the time! saltsnmore at yahoo dot com