Wednesday, October 15, 2014

~HAPPY HUMP DAY~Eye Candy & E-books to get you through the rest of the week!!~10/15/14

~Price Drops & Great Priced E-books~

HIGH (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 1) by Zara Cox 0.99

Stay With Me by Sharla Lovelace 0.99

Phenomenal X (Hard Knocks Book One) by Michelle A Valentine 0.99

Heaven's Fire (Lords of Conquest) by Patricia Ryan 1.99 

Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters) by Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie 0.99 

Kiss the Sky (Calloway Sisters) (Addicted) by Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie 0.99 

Faithful (Wanted Series Book 3) by Kelly Elliott 0.99 

Leah's Seduction: 1 (Gianni and Leah) by Emily Jane Trent 0.99 

Ditching the Dream & Not In My Wildest Dreams: The Dream Series Books 1 & 2 by Isabelle Peterson 0.99 

A Brutal Betrayal by DC Renee 1.99

~New Releases~

Brat (Sharing Spaces Book 2) by Alicia Michaels 3.99~10/15/14

I Love How You Love Me: The Sullivans by Bella Andre 4.99~10/15/14 

Three and Out (Love and Sports Series Book 3) by Meghan Quinn 3.99

Finished by Claire Kent 3.99

Falling: A 7-Novel New Adult Anthology by Chantal Fernando, Et Al 0.99

Battle by K J Bell 3.99

Darling Beast (Maiden Lane) by Elizabeth Hoyt 7.99

One in a Million (Lucky Harbor Book 12) by Jill Shalvis 7.99

Partners (Fire & Lies - Prequel) by Lilliana Anderson 3.99

Shallow Foundations by Jessica Gould 3.99

Fix Up (Patch Up Series Book 2) by Stephanie Witter 1.99

~Pre-Orders/Coming Soon~
You can now click the following links to see all the New Releases for the entire month of October and November!

 Of course I don't have them all but I will continuously add to the list. As you know some indie authors don't have their new releases up for pre-order but I will always list them as soon as they are available.

Click here for the month of November's New Book Releases

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