Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~My Four Star Review of Sex Unlimited Volume 3 by Kathryn Perez~

Four Lovingly & Sweet Stars for Brisban & Candace

This was a great conclusion to Brisban & Candace's story.  It was a little different than the first two serials showing a more sensitive side to Brisban and Candace as well as the more seriousness of the situations they each faced.  <---see what I did there?  

Even though it was a little predictable it was still very enjoyable and what I would consider to be a happily ever after for them.  There is not much I can say without giving the story away since it is a serial, but believe me, you will want to continue their story after you read the first two volumes to find out what lies ahead for Brisban, Candace as well as their exes, Dawn and James.

What does the future hold for all of them.

You do need to read these in order and you can purchase them separately or as a complete set.

A great series that I most definitely recommend.

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My Review for Volume 2
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