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~My 4 Star Review for Gravity by L D Cedergreen~


After years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child, Gemma Walsh finds her husband in bed with another woman. Unable to face his betrayal, she retreats to Priest Lake where her family owns a small cabin. But Gemma finds that she is not the only one hiding away at the lake to avoid an ugly truth.

Andrew Monroe was once an essential part of Gemma’s life but tragedy and misunderstanding shattered their bond, separating them. Now twenty years later, Gemma questions the coincidence of their newly intersected paths as she struggles to resist the sparks that ignite between them.

Just when Gemma feels that she has found her second chance at happiness, she is faced with a shocking truth as her reality spirals out of control. She can’t deny the powerful force that brought Andrew back into her life anymore than she can defy the same force that now threatens to pull them apart.

An emotionally-charged, heart-rending story that will leave you to question the freedom in truth and the existence of fate in its deepest sense.

~My Review~

~Realistic Raw Emotion~ yep that is what I experienced while reading this well written story.  I cried!  More than once I cried.  You can most definitely tell that L D writes with passion, pure heart and sole.  She wants to make you think and feel and yearn for something.  She wants to engage you in a loving, yet devastating and emotional story.

I won't spoil this for you and I will tell you that I didn't see the twists coming.  Yes, I knew something was coming and I guessed numerous scenarios the entire way through reading, only to be blown away.  I DID NOT read any reviews before going into the story of Gemma,  her husband Ryan and her childhood friend, Andrew and I'm glad I didn't.  I won't lie though, I personally wanted a different ending, the ending I imagined in my mind and my heart, BUT it didn't end my way as it isn't supposed to because it wasn't my story to tell.  I believe it ended the way L D wanted it to which didn't take away from this great story and I highly recommend it!!

Now let's talk just a little bit about the story and we will start with Gemma.  She is beautiful, a lawyer and a planner.  She wants a family of her own but hasn't had any luck.  Then everything comes crashing down around her when she finds her husband Ryan in bed with another woman.  Gemma is devastated, hurt and now faced with lots of questions and heartache.  Her life has suddenly turned into chaos and so she flees.

"I was questioning everything about him-my own husband-as if I had never really known him at all."

She retreats to her families cabin where she used to spend her summers and time with her friends, more importantly Andrew, her best friend.  They had become very close only to have their friendship ripped apart.

"My family became Drew's family from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year, and it had become harder and harder to say good-bye as the year's passed."

Well low and behold Andrew is there, as well, staying in his families place which is right next to Gemma's.  Needless to say they runt into each other and start spending time together reminiscing about their childhood and teenage years together.

There was a lot of emotion during this time between them and a lot of questions to be answered between their past and present lives, each one trying to figure out what had happened all those years ago.  Why their friendship ended the way it did, ultimately leaving them to move on separately when you (the reader) and they knew how much each one of them meant to one another.

"I was just a kid, afraid of rejection.  But, more important, I was afraid of losing you," he said breathing hard.

"He had been a part of my life longer than I could remember, and, though we had been apart for years, he had never really left me."

Lots of things are rekindled between these two, new and old, which leads to questions being answered and emotional turmoil as each one of them try to fight what is so visibly there.  The simple fact that they love one another.

Gemma becomes so confused and torn.  She loves her husband and her friend.  She tries to reevaluate her life, seeking answers and wanting to forgive, to move on.  You could just feel her pain and agony.

"I wasn't sure what I feared more in the moment, my past or my future."

"I was just living in the moment, selfishly doing what I wanted."

"I wanted to forgive him, to forgive myself, and to move on but I didn't know if I could."

So what does Gemma do?  Well I'm certainly not going to tell you lol.  What happens with Andrew and Ryan?  Why kind of secrets are there?  How will it all end? 

Are you intrigued?  I hope so because I really enjoyed this book!  You will definitely FEEL, in my opinion, what Gemma feels and maybe even Andrew.

I guess you could consider this a love triangle and it does contain infidelity, so if this is a deal breaker for you, then you may not want to read it but I do recommend it and you should give it a try ;0)

~Connect with the Author~

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