Thursday, November 6, 2014

~THRIFTY THURSDAY~Price Drops, Great Priced E-books & New Releases~11/06/14

~Price Drops & Great Priced E-books~

Ruthless People by J J McAvoy 0.99

Drifting into Darkness by J M La Rocca 0.99

Climax by Sexxa Kohl 0.99

Undone (Disclosure Series Book 1) by R E Hunter 0.99

Finder Fees (A TroubleMaker Novel) by Kelly Gendron 0.99

Unspeakable Truths by Alice Tribue 0.99 

53 Letters For My Lover by Leylah Attar 0.99 

For You (New Adult Erotic Romance) (Runaway Lies) by Mimi Strong 0.99 

More than Scars by Sarah Brocious 0.99 Great reviews so far 

Temptation (Club X Book 1) by K M Scott 1.99

Rock Chick Book 1 by Kristen Ashley 1.99

Rock Chick Rescue Book 2 by Kristen Ashley 1.99

Rock Chick Redemption Book 3 by Kristen Ashley 1.99

Rock Chick Renegade Book 4 by Kristen Ashley 1.99

Rock Chick Revenge BOOK 5 By Kristen Ashley 1.99 reg 3.99

Rock Chick Reckoning Book 6 by Kristen Ashley 1.99 reg 3.99

Rock Chick Regret Book 7 by Kristen Ashley 1.99

Rock Chick Revolution Book 8 by Kristen Ashley 1.99

~New Releases~

Unforgettable by Elizabeth Finn 4.99~11/06/14 

1st (Love For Sale) by Michelle Hughes 0.99~11/06/14 

RETRACE by Sigal Ehrlich 3.99~11/06/14

The Request Trilogy Box Set by Marquita Valentine 3.99

The Living Again Series Box Set by L L Collins 5.99

Elusive Hero: Invitation to Eden (Vampire Queen Series Book 12) by Joey W Hill 2.99

On the Job (Novella) by Beth Kery 2.99 Betrayal by Margaret Bingley 2.99

A Beautiful Bundle (Beautiful Series books 1-4) by Lilliana Anderson 0.99

Faster Dirtier (A Team Ferrelli Novel) (New Adult Sports Romance) (Take Me... Book 5) by Colleen Masters 0.99

First Position (Dirty Dancing Book 1) by Melody Gracy 0.99

Numb (Silver Knight Book 1) by Lynn Rider 2.99

Second Chance Love (Heaven Hill Book 6) by Laramie Briscoe 3.99

~Pre-Orders/Coming Soon~
You can now click the following links to see all the New Releases for the entire month of November and December!

 Of course I don't have them all but I will continuously add to the list. As you know some indie authors don't have their new releases up for pre-order but I will always list them as soon as they are available.

Click here for the month of November's New Book Releases

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