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~My Five Star Review of Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren~

Beautiful Broken Rules (Broken, #1)Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I friggin loved this book! Yes, it is a new adult, college romance so I will tell you that up front, BUT, trust me when I say you will fall in love with the characters as well as the story!

First we meet Em and Quinn roommates, best friends and sisters. Em is, shall we say very promiscuous. She knows it, lives it and accepts it.

I've accepted who I am. The girl who will never become serious about anyone, who will enjoy life, have fun with guys along the way and never get her heart broken.

So my first thought was why? What happened to her to make her feel this way thus drawing me into the story from the get go. Em has 3 rules she abides by and they are

I don't sleep with anyone that I know my friends like, I don't sleep with anyone's boyfriend, and I never sleep with someone more than three times.

These rules have worked and do work well for her until she meets motorcycle boy, Jaxon Riley aka Jax.

Oh let me just say I have nothing but love for Jaxon as well as his identical twin brother Jace. They were friends of Cole's from back home and decided to move in with him which just so happens to be right next door! Fun times!! Did I mention Jaxon and Cole are football players?

There wasn't anything I didn't love about Jaxon, or Jace and even Cole for that matter, but I especially loved it when Jaxon called Em, Beautiful and by her full name, Emerson! I gave Em credit, even though I didn't like it, when she was completely honest with him about her ways and was dead set on not changing her rules for anyone, including him.

"You're okay with this, even knowing that I will at some point sleep with someone else?"

However, the more time they spent together whether it was studying or just hanging out together, Emerson's walls started crumbling down. The only frustrating part was the fact that she wouldn't talk to him and tell him WHY?? Try as he might, Jaxon tried to understand, he tried not to become possessive over her but only time would tell if they could both abide by her rules.

"Please stop running from me," he whispered. "Please stop trying to catch me," I said getting up to leave.

The relationship they had developed became intense, emotional, loving and frustrating. Once I understood what had happened in Emerson's past I was >able to understand why.

"Emerson, tell me what you want."............."I don't know how."

Can these two work their way through or will Jaxon end up breaking her heart?

The story is mainly about Jaxon and Em but Jace, Quinn and Cole all played an important role. Quinn and Cole later became an item and I can't wait for their story as well as Jace's story.

This was an awesome new adult romance that drew me in and I enjoyed every intense minute of it! Kimberly Lauren did a fantastic job on her first novel and I anxiously await her future ones! I highly recommend this book!!

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