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~My Four Star Review of Destructive Silence by L U Ann~10/27/13

Destructive Silence (A Destructive Novel)Destructive Silence by L.U. Ann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have you ever met someone you immediately connected with and the sexual chemistry was so strong that you just wanted and had to act on it, but more importantly you felt like it would help you get past something terrible that happened to you? Well that is what happens at the beginning of this story when Lacey meets Caine!

We've yet to speak as our bodies imply the unspoken words, conveying pleasure, surprise, desire, and an unmistakable need.

Do you also believe in soul mates? Have you ever met the "one" only to learn later on that said one is not who you thought they were?

My body gives up all conscious thoughts and I let him in.

Lacey is a beautiful and smart senior in high school who loves to go clubbing with her best friend Becca. Oh how I loved Becca! She was hilarious and added so much fun to a book that talks about some very difficult and very real, life situations! She was the ultimate best friend with a vocabulary/dictionary that had me LOL.

Assvice: The unwelcomed and unsolicited advice given to someone.

Then we meet Caine! Oh how I loved Caine. He was sexy and sweet. I was shocked at the way he treated Lacey after their one night stand but sadly my feelings for him would soon change.

These two are young and engage in a relationship. He is in the Navy and after high school she plans to go to college but not for a while. Her parents own two stores and she works for them. She will be working more since her mom will be having surgery soon, therefore putting off college.

Lacey works hard trying to move past what happened to her as a child. She stands up for herself and loves herself enough to know what is right and wrong in a relationship however she will soon find herself faced with difficult decisions and most importantly working through her feelings.

She loves Caine and believes wholeheartedly that he loves her just as much. I had extreme reservations about Caine when his behavior started to change. I just knew the ball was going to drop and things were going to take off in different directions. I was frustrated and saddened by the reality that Caine was not who I thought he was and Lacey began to see this as well.

It's almost as if he is pulling me away from myself and molding me into the person he wants me to be.

I really don't want to say a whole lot about what happens in the story because I despise spoilers! I will tell you however, that this story deals with falling in love, trusting someone, battling with your fears and emotions, teen pregnancy, abuse, both physical and verbal, alcoholism and infidelity.

Lacey faces so many obstacles and has so many questions that I am undoubtedly sure many many women find themselves asking these very same questions.

Is it wrong to want him after everything he's done?

How does someone enjoy taking something so precious away?

How is a person like that created?

This story is very real and happens more often than not! The cover is perfect as well as the title. It is a great debut novel from L U Ann and I look forward to the next book in this series. I can't wait to see the direction she takes these two characters. It does leave you with a cliffhanger so be warned, but I highly recommend this book because it is so realistic and it may just help you see things in a different light.

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