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~My 3 Star Review of Meant for Me by L P Dover~Contemporary Romantic Suspense with an MMA Fighter

Meant for Me (Second Chances, #3)Meant for Me by L.P. Dover
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok so it seems I am in the minority here, but it happens right? Well first and foremost I will tell you what I love and that is the cover (major cover love), I also loved the steaminess and the suspense factor. The ending was great as well.

Mason and Claire are great, likeable characters. I enjoyed their story but I couldn't connect to them and I found myself putting the book down more often than not. The suspense was enough to bring me back though and therefore I finished it. Does this mean I didn't like it at all? No, absolutely not, I enjoyed what I mentioned above and Mason was yummy while Claire was a very strong woman.

The prologue was great too and it starts with Claire taking Mason to the airport. He is leaving to go home to North Carolina where he works as a detective. Claire is not happy with the way that things are ending between them and Mason will soon realize he feels the same way. Claire currently lives in California where she helps Mason's cousin, Melissa, manage vineyards.

A few months pass by and Mason has learned of his good friend's death as well as some other MMA fighter's deaths. You see, Mason used to be an MMA fighter so when he learns of this terrible news he decides to take the necessary steps to go undercover and get back in the ring to solve his friend's and the other murders. It also means he needs to tell Claire how he really feels before something terrible happens to him. He then heads back to California with the intent to see her and tell her but when another man is in the picture the only thing left for him to do is leave her the letter he wrote.

When Claire realizes what she wants she decides to find Mason and tell him. After she surprises him and ends up where he is she also helps him with his case while he is undercover. The thing is, it just may turn into much more than they both bargained for. Will they find the people responsible for the fighter's deaths and will they both come out alive?

If you like MMA fighter books with a steamy romance factor and suspense to boot you will definitely enjoy this book. I do recommend it! I will be reading Ms. Dover’s other books as well. Sometimes we just come across a story where we can't connect in some way or another. It is not a terrible thing it just happens. This one just didn't grab at me 100%.

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