Friday, January 3, 2014

~TGIF Bookhookers~New Releases, Price Drops and the Fun Friday Giveaway!! 01/03/14

~Price Drops & Great Priced E-books~

Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee 0.99 Contemporary Romance

Law Man (Dream Man) by Kristen Ashley 0.99

Relinquishing Liberty (Second Chances) by Maureen Mayer 0.99 New Adult Romance

Devour Me (Master Chefs Series #1) by Kailin Gow 0.99 Erotica

Savor Me (Master Chefs Series #2: An Erotic Adult Contemporary Romance) by Kailin Gow 0.99

Hard As It Gets: A Hard Ink Novel by Laura Kaye 1.99 Military Romance

Wait for You by J Lynn 0.99 New Adult

Love Exactly (Sticks & Stones) by Cassandra Giovanni 0.99 New Adult Romance

Highly Recommend this Series
Relentless (Shattered Hearts) book 1 by Cassia Leo 0.99 

Pieces of You (Shattered Hearts) book 2 by Cassia Leo 0.99

Bring Me Home (Shattered Hearts) book 3 by Cassia Leo 0.99

~New Releases~

Love Show by Audrey Bell 3.99 New Adult Romance

Alluring Seduction (Bayou Stix) by Skye Turner 3.99 Contemporary Romance 

Consumed by Emily Snow 3.99 Contemporary Romance 

RAW by Bella Aurora 3.99 Romance Suspense 

Forced Autonomy by Lila Felix 0.99 Novella

Nobody's by Rhea Wilde 3.99 Contemporary Romance

Caught Looking (Hot-Lanta Series) by Meghan Quinn 3.99

Crazy Maybe by A D Justice 2.99 Contemporary Romance

Deception by Evie Rose 2.99 Contemporary Romance

Falling to Pieces (Rose Gardner #3.5) (Rose Gardner Between the Numbers) by Denise Grover Swank 2.99 

Hex upon Me by Beth Mikell 0.99 Contemporary Romance

Storm Front (Charistown Series) by Lisa N. Paul 2.99

~Pre-Orders/Coming Soon~

You can now click the following link to see all the New Releases for the entire month of January! This is something new I decided to do for 2014 so let's see how it works and if you like it. Please comment and give me your feedback :0)

Of course I don't have them all but I will continuously add to the list. As you know some indie authors don't have their new releases up for pre-order but I will always list them as soon as they are available.

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**Comment below for a chance to win an ebook of Deception by Evie Rose!  Tell me how your new year is going!  Mine started out great then of course I had a bad day (it happens) but I guess we have to take the good with the bad and just keep moving forward.** Thanks for subscribing and stopping by to comment. Don't forget to leave your email :0)  I will pick a winner by Sunday evening!


  1. NEW YEAR! Well lets see, major snow storm, temps 10 below zero, wind chill 25 below zero, car won't start, haven't been able to go to work for last 2 days, water pipe froze AND I've read 2 books so far in 2014!!!!!!!!! Posted both books on Goodreads! Reading Beck by Harper Sloan today! Taking the good with the bad!!!!! XOXO
    Sue Stewart

  2. I have to say this year has started off pretty well.. Only because I have the entire week off work !!

  3. The year has started off OK and so far I can't complain......

  4. The year has started off great - no complaints here! Thank you for the giveaway.

    My email address is

  5. Glenda Sue Wilson-SmithJanuary 3, 2014 at 10:18 AM

    This year started ok,then hubby comes home sick lastnight so im doing everything I can to make sure the rest if us dont get it! I still have not started a book and its not because I dont want to,its because out of the 1200 books on my kindle,I cant find anything to read! LOL.. ♡

  6. I woke up New Year's Day with a cold. Add 13 inches of snow and below zero temps and we're off to a great start. Oh could be worse. I have managed to sneak in some reading, so that's a bonus. :)

  7. So far, my New Year has been great. We haven't had any big snows yet. Djharmony070399 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. So far, my New Year is going GREAT!!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  9. Mine has been good so far!

  10. Started off with bein sick right after Christmas for five days bit is now getting better. Thank u for the giveaway.

  11. So far my New Year is great (husband and boys at the camp which allows me to read more). Every morning I love looking at bookhooking while enjoying my coffee to find out the price drops and new releases. Thanks for everything you do!!!!

  12. My new year is going fine. Same as always. I'm very boring.

  13. My new year is starting out ok. ANYTHING has got to be better than the stuff I dealt with last year. I've been fortunate to have read 2 AWESOME books so far this year. My email is

  14. →→→ ME ME ME ←←← No major catastrophes to speak of, but it hasn't been a ball of fun, either. I'm keeping a rabbit's foot on me to help me out a bit this year. ;)

  15. My New Year is starting out awesome so far!! Getting lots of things squared away, and looking forward to lots of awesome books soon to be released!

  16. My New Year is starting out great!

  17. All ok except the weather! I hate Winter! Show me some beach!

  18. Happy NEW YEAR 2014!! Went for a 4 mile run, and relaxed afterwards reading a good book! No better way to finish a

  19. My New Year is going great so far! School starts back in 2 days so that makes it even better :)

  20. My New Year started out great. I won a Kindle HDX in a giveaway and I really needed it because I was reading from my son's ipod only when he lent it to me which sucked cause I love to read. Now I need to fill it up with lots of ebooks. Great giveaway!

  21. My New Year has started out OK but the freezing cold is headed my way for Sunday night, possibility of snow, I am in South Mississippi and we don't get snow, oh well can't mess with Mother Nature. Great giveaway!

  22. My New Year is going great actually hopefully this will be a way better year than 2013 was :)

  23. So far so good. Can't complain. New Year's eve was spent partying with a bunch of good friends, house is now organized & back to pre-holiday condition, finished one book & started another, and one more day til the kids go back to school! (

  24. Pretty good so far! Just need to get a little more motivated to work on my resolutions! Thanks!
    saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

  25. The New Year has been great so far... It will come to an end on Monday when I have to return to work :(

  26. My New Year's Eve and day were completely uneventful, so not too bad. Since then I have been crazy busy! esined615 at yahoo dot com