Wednesday, January 15, 2014

~My 4 Star Review of Reckless by Skye Jordan~

Reckless (Renegades, #1)Reckless by Skye Jordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reckless was good and different from most books I have read. I say different because the hero, Jax, is extremely sexy but he is also very sweet. This is not bad per say but if your looking for a more Alpha hero which I prefer too, you won't find him in this story.

Jax is a stunt man with a lot of connections in the film and acting industry. He comes from a family of nothing but actors and was once one himself. Unfortunately he has had his share of beautiful women and they have used him incessantly to further themselves in their career or to get something they really wanted. He is finally becoming tired of this and would really like for someone to love him for just him and not for what he can do.

Lexi is the beautiful, blonde, heroine, a former model and currently an amazing wedding dress designer in Southern California. She has had a very difficult life and has worked her ass off to get where she is today. Lexi is very skeptical of any relationship, especially one with someone like Jax.

The story starts with these two being dropped off at the airport by their very close friends, Rubi, Lexi's friend and Wes, Jax's friend. They are both flying to New York only they don't know this just yet.

I loved Rubi and she was on of my favorite characters. Truth be told I can't wait to read her story. She is a model, comes from a family of money and is also like a sister to Lexi. Rubi is pretty smart too. She has created an app for a cell phone that can bring up other people's cell numbers without them knowing who is calling or texting them. This is what takes place between Lexi and Jax in the airport while they are waiting for their flight. This was my favorite part of the whole book. After the texting they end up together for a short but HOT time. During this time Lexi doesn't want Jax to see her and so he obliges. She has her reasons and both of them also have certain fears as well as some insecurities.

Power and wealth made Lexi leery. Power and wealth could turn people ugly when something or someone they wanted slipped out of reach.

The time they shared is brief and so they go back to their work. Some time passes before they see each other again and when they do Lexi lets Jax see her this time.

Will these two be able to have a relationship and will they work through their fears and insecurities? Well check out the book and get your answers. I do recommend it! There were a few things that bothered me such as the writing and flow of the story but not enough to deter me from experiencing Lexi and Jax's story :0) Every author is different as well as their writing style. This was my first read of Skye Jordan's and I look forward to reading her other books!

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