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~My 5 STAR Review of MOVING FORWARD by Erika Taylor~

Moving Forward (Timing is Everything, #1)Moving Forward by Erika Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five Funny Fantastic Sensational Stars. I friggin loved this book. It was funny, sexy, romantic, realistic, emotional and absolutely wonderful.
Jesika is a young widow who is just trying to move on with her life, ie move forward.

Unless you lived it, you have no idea the pain that is involved in losing someone you love, let alone your spouse and the father of your child.

She is doing a pretty good job considering, I mean she has a son, Jaxon, but outside of that there is no one else until she comes face to face with Derek. She has seen him before, after all he has a daughter that goes to the same school. OMG Derek, what is not to love about this man? He is sexy, charming, romantic, a firefighter, as well as a drummer and most importantly, single ;0) I mean what the hell is not to love about all THAT! I think everyone would like to have a Derek.

He's the kind of guy you want to take your time devouring just so you can memorize every square inch of his body.

Obviously these two have a pull to each other and things take off for them especially with the help of Mallory, who is Jesika's best friend. I instantly fell in love with her as well. She's the type of best friend every girl wants. Always there for you whether you were sad or just to make you laugh.

The horniness you are hoarding seriously just rolls off of you. (LOL)

Then there is Seth the lead singer of the band and also Derek's brother.

This is a story about love, loss, living, taking chances, learning how to tell the truth and trying to understand the lies. In the end just learning to move forward.
Derek and Jesika have a love and relationship like no other but she is scared and with very good reason. Never fear though because Derek is the ultimate hero.

I will always protect you. I will always put the safety of your heart above everything else.....just know there is no word that could every fully grasp what I feel for you.
oh my~swooooon!!!

Ms. Taylor had me hooked from the prologue and my emotions were on high alert, tested continuously throughout the book and never letting up for a minute. Erika Taylor did a great job and I highly recommend this one:0) Some more of my favorite quotes

Life is too short. It's not a never-ending party.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.
I will say if it wasn't for the Epilogue I might have wanted to strangle Erika ;0) lol Go get your read on NOW!! Can't wait for Mallory's and Seth's story!! Well done Erika, well done!! Not that it matters but I am not the fastest reader out there and I read this awesome book in two days!!

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