Sunday, March 3, 2013

~My Five Star Review of Relentless by Cassia Leo~

Relentless (Shattered Hearts, #1)Relentless by Cassia Leo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some people are addicted to heroin. Others are addicted to coffee. I’m addicted to meditation. No, not medication. Meditation.

Claire Nixon has been through so much. She lost her mother due to an overdose, she has spent more time changing foster homes than any one child should have to endure and now she works in a cafe, carrying a secret that basically made her decision to drop out of college.

While working at the cafe she meets Adam. They have a brief encounter and exchange a few words only to meet up again at night where she is almost run over by him. From this point on they engage in a friendly relationship and she learns he is her new neighbor upstairs. The banter between these two was so fun.

“You’re a nosy little bastard.” He chuckles as he deactivates his car alarm. “It’s called getting to know each other.

As a bet is made and the relationship between Adam and Claire moves on to a more intimate level they realize that what they feel for each other is mutual but they both have secrets, well doesn't everyone?

Adam starts to share some of his secrets with Claire but she is not able to reciprocate just yet. She does share her first love

He was was my first friend, my first family, my first heartbreak, and my deepest betrayal

My heart broke for her and what she went through. I thought I had it all figured out but that wasn't the case. Oh no, Cassia Leo kept my undivided attention until the very end. Relentless is a funny, sexy, intense and emotional read and I highly recommend it! I fell in love with Adam, Claire and Chris, but I also hurt for them. So who is Chris, you might ask? Well I think you should read Relentless to find out and I will leave you with this one last quote

He kisses my forehead and leaves me with a handful of legal documents and a heart full of questions.

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