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~My Five Star Review of Torn by K. A. Robinson~

Torn (Torn, #1)Torn by K.A. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Which one would you choose? A bad boy or good boy? This is a perfect way to start out my review of Torn because, THAT, is exactly what poor Chloe is!!
Drake Allen is, well let's just say he is sexy, tattooed, pierced, a womanizer and last but certainly not least, the lead singer of a band.

"Stick that tongue out at me again and see what happens."

Logan, on the other hand is loving, handsome, a protector and sexy in his own way. He is also Chloe's best friend. Both of them, in my opinion, have hearts of gold and this love triangle makes for a tough one because, for me anyway, I fell in love with them both, just in different ways exactly as you will read Chloe does!

Chloe, Amber and Logan set off to college and it is there where they meet and make friends with Drake and his band. Chloe is instantly attracted to Drake and who the hell could blame her! As time moves on everyone can see this attraction, even Logan. They also see how Logan really feels about Chloe but yet she seems to be somewhat clueless as just to how much he thinks of her until a few things happen and then he says this

"I've told you for years that I loved you, you just misunderstood what kind of love I felt."

And so begins the emotional roller coaster ride for everyone involved with mixed feelings, mixed emotions and heated moments of angst. Damn I actually got teary eyed a few times.

"I want you, but I can't have you," he said softly.

"You don't know how long I've wanted you. If you change your mind, just tell me and I'll stop. But if you don't, I have no intentions of stopping, I want you too much."

There were times where I wanted to hug everyone and scream at everyone and Chloe frustrated me so bad sometimes but it was oh so worth it. She had been through so much with her abusive, addict of a mother you couldn't help but sympathize with or even understand some of the decisions she made good, bad or otherwise. Oh you all!! I really could go on and on but I highly recommend this book to you. You won't be disappointed unless you truly can't handle love, triangles or drama but let me just say that Ms. Robinson draws you in deep and she won't let you go. I literally COULD. NOT. STOP. READING. I had to know what was going to happen next and I cannot wait until Twisted is released which is soon. I will leave you with one last quote...

Well I've got news for you, I don't regret it at all. Feeling your skin pressed up against mine, being inside you, hearing you cry out, that was one of the best nights of my life until you fucked it up with all your guilt. I miss you too, but things aren't going to go back to the way they were Chloe. I've felt you, tasted you, and now all I want is more." SAAAAAWWOOOONNNN!!!FANS SELF

I was given a copy of the Torn by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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