Sunday, September 15, 2013

~New Name~KINDLEHOOKED has been changed to BOOKHOOKING~09/15/13

Well my fellow followers, fans, blogger, authors, etc.  it is with great sadness and I am very serious  because it isn't easy to change something you love, but I will be spending the day saying Goodbye to Kindlehooked and renaming my blog to Bookhooking. Why? you ask, well Kindle is a trademark of Amazon and because I am an affiliate of Amazon they don't like it, so I am/have to changing/change it. I hope you all will help me embrace my new name and know that I will always be Kindlehooked at heart! 

I have changed all social media with the exception of Facebook because I had to send a request to them.  Hopefully they will change my name with no problems.  The only place I had to start fresh so far was Bloglovin.  All the buttons and things should work.  I am very sorry and believe me no one is more upset than I am but I have to remain positive and embrace this as a positive change.  I am still my passionate self and will continue to do what I do everyday.

Thank you all again for your love and support as well as all the new name suggestions.

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

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  1. I'm curious why not just switch the order of it and say Hooked on Kindle? I know it still means changing it which sucks, just wondered though.
    Good luck with the changes, I'm sure you'll do great! =)

    1. Amazon doesn't like anything that has their trademark, even if it is spelled different.

      Thank you!!

  2. Don't be blue! We support you here regardless of the name... Bookhooking works for me, makes me think I can crochet up a book ;)