Sunday, September 15, 2013

~Series Sunday~Twin Flames Trilogy by Danielle Bannister~09/15/13

This Sunday I am featuring Danielle Bannister's Twin Flames Trilogy.  There are 3 books featured in this trilogy so check them out below and thanks for stopping by!  

Please see my note about changing my name at the bottom of this post!!

Book 1


Naya Adams has given up on feeling
loved. A walking cliché, Naya lost her parents in a freak car
accident at thirteen and has been living with her detached foster
'adults' ever since. When Naya enrolls in one of the most
respected theatre programs in New England, she is more than eager to
trade in her pain for the spotlight. College would finally be the
fresh start she'd longed for.
Unfortunately for Naya,
her high school boyfriend, and abuser, Seth, tags along--trapping her
in the cycle of tarnished love.
Accustomed to emotional
numbness, Naya enters her first acting class, unaware of what was
waiting on the other side of the door: her Twin Flame. Rarer and more
intense than soul mates, Twin Flames search for centuries looking for
their other half. It is in another student, an olive-skinned and
terribly scarred sophomore named Etash, that Naya will discover what
being loved really means.
Although they both try to
resist each other, their bond is ultimately too strong. Together
they'll learn that this is not the first time they have been pulled
together, nor will it be their last. 
But how will her
abuser react to Naya's new flame?

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Book 2


Some believe that true love never dies. Instead their love is simply, reborn. 

What if, on the same night that three souls died, three new souls came screaming into the world? Meet Tobias, Jada and Hawk.

Two of those souls remain in their tiny town and become the best of buddies, while the third is moved around by a father running from his past; a past forgotten only when drunk. What remains of her soul is broken.

When Jada moves into that tiny town, two flames will join together, while the third burns with rage.

Will their Twin Flames burn bright? Or will their flame be smothered?

Get Pulled Back into a love story that has been reborn.

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Book 3


What if the love of your life was taken from you?
What would you be willing to risk to get her back?

Jada and Tobias thought moving away from their former predatorial friend, Hawk, would keep them safe.
They were wrong.

Join Twin Flames, Tobias and Jada, as they fight to keep their love burning bright.

Get Pulled Back Again into a love story that has no end.

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Kindlehooked will be changed to another name very soon :0(

I received an email today from Amazon and unfortunately the word Kindle is a trademark of theirs!  What this means is, I cannot use the word or any words for that matter that are their trademark.  I am very very sorry about this but I have to change Kindlehooked.  I am working on a new name.  I will be sending out a mass email to everyone that has subscribed letting you all know what my new blog name will be.  

I knew this was coming but I guess part of me just hoped it wouldn't.  I will have to deal with it.  I also have to change it everywhere else as well.  Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Bloglovin etc.  

Thank you for your patience and following while I get this all changed!  Love, Tanya


  1. you will always be Kindlehooked at heart!
    your new name is awesome though :)

  2. oooo.. and these books are great! I will be reading book 3 very soon!