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~My Four Star Review of Then There Was You by Melanie Dawn~

~Four Caring & Very Charming Chris King Stars~

Melanie Dawn writes realistic, heartwarming contemporary romances.  You can tell she has a sweet, very loving nature of style by her writing.

I do recommend, but you don't have to, that you read So Much It Hurts first, before reading Then There Was You because of the characters involved.  My review is spoiler free for both :0)

This story is more about Chris.  When he was about seventeen he was sent to a juvenile detention center.  We learn why he is there and while he is there he meets Salem Honeycutt, a counselor, his counselor.  These two form a loving bond but not in the wrong way.  He needs someone to believe in him and help him deal with his pain and anger, especially over losing the girl he fell in love with,  Kaitlyn.  (you will learn more about her in book 1)

He was a lost and broken teenager who just needed someone to understand him-to really hear him.  I was a hollow shell of a person who just needed a beacon of hope, a possibility for something positive.  Together we complemented each other's needs.

Salem is 24 years old, married and a new mother struggling with postpartum depression.  She needs a purpose and a break from her sleep deprived life as a new mother.  She has a husband, Graham, but he is not a very helpful one.

Parenting just flat out sucks sometimes.

The first half of the book is Chris's and Salem's back story.  In other words how they met, the bond they formed and progress they both made with each others help.  The second half of the book is about them, all grown up and falling in love.

At one very shitty time in my life, this woman was a fucking godsend.

Chris is a sexy rock star no doubt, but a completely different type.  He is loving, caring, empathetic, sweet, thoughtful and you will swoon over him in a totally different way.

I adored his thoughtfulness and the things he did, more than once, for Salem, as well as who he had become.  Now this didn't come easy for these two as there were a few bumps in the road, but the main struggle each of them had was with him or her self.  The mental wars over feelings, the reality of what they were feeling for each other and whether it was right or wrong?

"I didn't mean to do this."  he said
"Didn't mean to do what?"  she asked
"Fall for you,"  he breathed

Such a wonderful, realistic and enjoyable story.  I had my tearful moments and I had my what the heck moments, but with an HEA like we all dream about I ended this journey with a big ol cheesy grin and my heart was so happy!

Do yourself a favor, read my reviews to see if this is something you will like, go get these two books and enjoy something breathtakingly different.  I loved them both!  Thank you Melanie for sharing these stories!

I will leave you with the following part and a few more quotes...

And one of my favorite parts cuz I just can't help it....oh the smart ass snarkiness

"Who are you?  Graham sneered.

Chris took off his sunglasses and slid his hood off the back of his head. 

"Recognize me now, asshole?"


"What matters is how you view yourself."

Love isn't dictated by any age.

"You are the reason I choose life every day."

"Your history doesn't define your future, Chris"

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