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~My Four Star Review of Undone by Rebecca Shea~

Undone (Unbreakable, #2)Undone by Rebecca Shea
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

~Four Loving Landon Stars~

What a journey this book will take you on! We met Landon in Unbreakable and this is his story. He is a cop in North Carolina and an emotionally tortured one at that. He has been through so much and we certainly get to see inside him, feel for him and fall in love with him while reading this book.

It's just him and his sister, Lyndsay, and even though she is all grown up, there is nothing he won't do for her. The bond they share as brother and sister is amazingly strong. I enjoyed and admired both of them. They made me laugh and they certainly made me cry.
Landon is the type of guy that doesn't do relationships and there is a very strong reason for this, fear of abandonment, plain and simple.

"Yeah, better to leave than to be left. Better not to get attached," he admits quietly.

He has major rules that he won't break for anyone, until he meets Reagan.

Something in the pit of my stomach is telling me this girl is dangerous-she's beautiful, confident, and smart-a dangerous combination.

Reagan you see, is a beautiful doctor and what I consider a great challenge for Landon. As the two of them start to spend more time together they learn some things about one another and you can just feel that these two are meant to be together BUT not without some major obstacles that they will each face, together and on their own. I won't lie, my heart broke for them, more than once!!

Will Reagan be Landon's undoing and will she be able to get through to him. Will Landon be able to share is emotional past and pain with Reagan? What obstacles do they face and what will be the outcome? I truly loved their story and the underlying messages the author portrayed in this book and I highly recommend you read it for yourself.

There were a couple of things, for me, that kept it from receiving five stars, but nothing that would or should deter you from reading it. There was a small amount of repetition (just something I happen to notice and you may not) and I wish it was longer (a good thing) so see nothing bad :0) Go get your copy!!

Thank you Rebecca Shea for sharing Landon, Lyndsay and Reagan with me and I look forward to reading your other books!!

In my opinion you don't need to read Unbreakable first but I recommend you read it because is was a great story too.

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