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Just Remember to BreatheJust Remember to Breathe by Charles Sheehan-Miles
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a wonderful read with great characters and realistic situations that will leave you thinking, wanting, sympathizing and fighting for a love so strong and a hero so tortured. I enjoyed this book immensely! Alex and Dylan come together during their high school years and of course fall in love. The only problem is the distance in which they live but also the fact that they are unsure where they stand in their relationship. Once they figure it out they make the best of it until something changes and leaves them as well as you completely heartbroken. Fast forward a few years later where these two come together again only to work side by side and try so hard to set some boundaries, mainly one, and that is, not to talk about their past. I highly recommend you read this story and take the journey with Alex and Dylan in hopes that they will find their happily ever after.

A very heartwarming, young adult, modern day romance and extremely down to earth love story between two people who have their struggles, one more than the other being a Disabled Veteran with some other challenges as well. I felt the love these two had for each other and I struggled right along with them and their ups and downs. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book.

Some of my favorite quotes were:
We met almost three years ago: my senior year in high school and her junior year. And to be blunt: it changed my life, in ways I can’t really measure.

I lost myself in him.

But maybe I was a little book smart and not enough life smart, because I fell for him. I fell off a cliff. And I still haven’t recovered.

And, looking at his chest and arms, tight inside that t-shirt, I thought it would take a lot more than a short walk to bring my heart rate down.

“Alex… I love you. I’ll go where you lead me. I won’t ask for more.”

Killing is easy. It’s living with it that is difficult.

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