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Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2)Reflected in You by Sylvia Day
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where to begin? I can say that I agree with some of the other reviews that I have read, stating that this was no doubt, an emotional roller coaster, read and I did like the first one better. I can also say it was definitely a page turner! Eva and Gideon are a favorite couple of mine and my heart went out to both of them, but more so for him. They have both been through so much and I cannot imagine the abuse they suffered at such a young age. While this book is fiction in reality you have to ask yourself how does one overcome such abuse, try to live a normal life and have a healthy relationship? Eva and Gideon love each other there is no doubt in that. I couldn't blame them for their insecurities and jealousy. The relationship they have is a difficult one and they both worked at it in different ways, while probably not the best way, but giving their history I think they just coped the best way they knew how! I could not give up on Gideon even though I was frustrated with him as well as Eva, again who isn't afraid of the unknown at times? Deep down I trusted him but that is not to say it wasn't difficult. In my opinion Eva was scared, hell they both were. Corinne played her role very well and that is none other than a complete and total B!tch. I look forward to the HEA that Ms. Day hopefully has planned for them in book three because let's face it if she didn't she would have some very unhappy fans and God knows they deserve it!

4.5 stars from me and who knows I may change that in a few days. This is my second attempt at writing my review because the first one got erased and let's just say that I was NOT very happy!! Some of my favorite quotes were: Gideon to Eva"Your kisses are mine."and"I'm in hell without you"and one very important key that perhaps helped us understand a little about Gideon's true feelings was when he said to Eva"Because of you, the world makes sense to me in a way it didn't before. I have a place now, with you." I highly recommend this book but not before you read Bared to You. You can see my book reviews here as well as on my blog at

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