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The Mighty StormThe Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW!! 5 HUGE STARS From me! The Mighty Storm was an excellent read. It did start out slow but with much purpose so that you get to know the characters and it builds your anticipation up for all the heartache, drama, hotness and humor to come. You name it, this story had it, all of it. I laughed, I cried and most of all I felt!
First we meet Trudy Bennett aka Tru, which is what most call her, she is a music journalist getting ready to do an article on none other than Jake Wethers, a sexy, tattooed bad boy and lead singer for The Mighty Storm. He was also Tru's very best, childhood friend. Then we meet Will, Trudy's very loving boyfriend of two years, and an investment banker. There are many more characters in the book that I fell in love with as well, Simone, Tru's flat mate, Stuart, Jake's PA, Denny a member of the band and that is just to name a few.
So what pray tell happens well that is why you must read the book because you won't be disappointed and I highly recommend it. I will tell you a few things though;0)
Tru is offered a job she can't refuse after her and Jake reconnect and then all them damn sparks fly. They spend a lot of time together reliving their childhood but now they are all grown up! Tru and Jake realize they have always been THE one for each other but that doesn't come easy nor at no cost of heartache. I don't want to spoil any of this but let's just say you will absolutely fall in love with all of the characters and you will FEEL right along with all of them as they work through the drama and one helluva roller coaster ride! LOVED every minute of it!!!
Some of my favorite quotes:
My heart lurches out of my chest, jumps across the room and whams straight into him.

He leans close, and his hot breath brushes over the skin on my neck tickling me, as he says, "I was talking about you, Tru."

This Jack has this way of looking around at everyone in the room, but making you feel like the only person he's actually looking at is you. That you are the object of his desire. Your're the one he's taking home tonight. He can undress a woman with one look alone. And when his eyes meet and fix onto mine, I suddenly feel it and more, and it strips me naked to the core. My legs start to tremble.

Jake - a sweet dream? Or a beautiful nightmare? Which one Tru?

"It's always been you, Tru. Always."
and let me leave you with it doesn't stop there ladies goooooooooooo read the book:0)

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  1. Sounds good Tanya :) Always love finding new authors to check out and when the hero/heroine have a history together. Will have to check this one out!

    Happy reading!

  2. Yes, I know what you mean! Are you on goodreads? I find a lot of new authors on there. You should definitely get this one, it is $2.99 for ebook at Amazon:)

    Thanks for posting and would love to know what you think when you read it:)