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Dec 16, 12

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Okay so I bought this cause there is a hot guitar player, Ollie, in the book. I mean I'm all for a guy with a lip ring and tattoo. That's just my thing. Yep, Ollie has a band DOA that he plays with on open mic night and he also is a college student who lives across the floor from Layla. 

The book is told from Layla's POV. Layla is freshman at Cal State having moved to Long Beach from Pasadena where she resided with her father. Her parents were divorced and her mother lived in San Francisco. It was obvious Layla had trust issues and I have to say there were times when I wanted to do this to her......

Layla literally runs into Jared on her way to work at Lorraine's coffe shop where she started working and was late. The way the two met was amusing and her smart ass take no prisoners attitude was awesome but somewhere along the way I lost her she seemed so wishy washy that I got frustrated with her.

James is a millionaire 22 year old sexy playboy. He has a reputation of never dating until he meets Layla. James senses she is different from what he was used to and the two of them begin a very serious relationship that is..........

yes the between the sheets with these two was HOT & frequent ;) But you feel somethings coming and when you keep secrets what do you expect. Layla confronts Jared at this hous and what she found had me........

So Layla turns to her friends Mel, Amy and of course Ollie. See there's something more there with Ollie than she is willing to admit but is it enough? I swear there was one part of the story where she agrees to a dinner, personally I think shouldn't have, and I wanted to.............

I did and if she was standing in front of me I would've. There's hint of a love triangle but I didn't feel it was in the sense one might expect. Of course, there was Ollie & Jared and the end leaves you questioning what happened but there's another book so you have to wait to find out....

Overall this book was a 3.5-4 star read to me. Some parts were definitely a 4 star read! I loved Ollie, Mel & Amy and heck I liked Jared but Layla didn't do it for me. If felt like things would be going great and then she would say something sabotage the whole time she was with the person. I think the next book might explain more about Layla which probably help me immensely since some of her actions were the reason I was at 3.5. I wonder if her high school boyfriend Josh and the limited information we have about their dating and breaking up has anything to do with her hesitancy or perhaps her own parents relationship? Which you get to be a part of in the book!

I'll read the next in the series and as for me I'm Team Ollie! But I like a hot, sexy, singing guitar slinging rocker :)

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  1. I'm going to have to give this one a try! Thanks for the great review :D
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages