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Closing CostsClosing Costs by Liz Crowe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 STARS Oh where to begin? Can you say drammmma? yep! because there is lots of it in this book and Jack and Sara are the most stubborn characters I have ever come across. I will say that I liked Jack a whole lot better than Sara in this book.
In Closing Costs we learn that Sara is pregnant and unsure of who the real father is, whether it is Jack, the one she truly deeply loves even though she is the most difficult and stubborn woman he has ever crossed, and will not admit to herself nor anyone else how she truly feels, or is it the very loving Craig, who also loves Sara? And you don't find out until a whole lot later who Kate's father is.
Sara shuts both men down and decides she is going to do it all on her own! Jack decides that even though he may or may not be the father, he still wants to marry Sara and take care of her and the baby! Bless his heart he tried and tried but she shut him down at every turn.

“I am not just some guy.” He gripped her arm as she tried to walk past him, “and you fucking well know it.”

This is another roller coaster of ups and downs, likes and dislikes and unfortunately more dislikes for me. Now the sex scenes were hot, there is no doubt about them and this book is an important part of the series so don't let my review discourage you as I do recommend it. I mainly had issues with Sara and her behavior. She wasn't fair to Kate and that bothered me and the time she wasted ugggghhhhh. She drove me nuts and I was not happy with a lot of the things she did. If it weren't for Kate, the mystery of who the father is and my desire to see what became of Jack and Sara's relationship in the end, I would have screamed and hollered and jumped up and down and thrown a temper tantrum. well no, not really but you get my drift. With that being said don't give up and read on :0)

I was provided a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  This is the third book in a series and not meant to be read as a stand alone.

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