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My Misery MuseBrei Betzold



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Read in December, 2012

Freaking fantabulous awesome ........The author provided me an arc in exchange for an honest review. Well, I have this serious thing for rock star romances- seriously addicted to them. When I got the arc I was so....

To find a rock star book from a new author makes me happy but to find one like this gem was AMAZING! This is a book you HAVE to read, it's truly that good no wait it's fan-freaking-awesome-fantastic ... I don't think there are enough adjectives for me to express how AWESOME this book truly is so let me tell you about it!

Meet Devi- beautiful pixie extremely tattoo artist who is a strong, determined female character that you can help but love.......

Well this disinherited heiress makes a life for herself with the support of her loving brother Drake, Frends like Crispin, Cin, Mags, Jules, and Eli. Devi and Seth, the bassist for My Misery Muse, have a history together.....a very long history. Devi's known Seth since she was 12 years old and loved him since she was 16 years. 

Devi always encouraged Seth to pursue his dreams of music. She knew he had the talent to "make it" and she wasn't about to hold me back and have the possiblity of him resent her if he didn't pursue his dreams and stayed with her in Dallas. So Devi did what she felt was the right thing- she let Seth go. She ended their relationship and encouraged him to go to LA with his band to pursue their recording dreams. 

Sounds easy, um no not to me, but sounds like the right thing to do. Well sure, but isn't hindsight 20/20 and Devi would have NO idea that there was a reason, a big one, that she should've let Seth stay at least for a little while more......

Seth, what can I say, sexy bassist, tattooed and pierced - oh boy is he pierced. My husband wasn't keen on my request for certain piercings so I have to live vicarously through my book friends like Devi and fantasize about Seth. 

Well Seth and the "BOYS" from My Misery Muse come back to Dallas to finish recording another album fresh from touring and having been gone for three years. Seth see's Devi and well the past, present & future come together and present new possiblities. There are secrets......

Complete misunderstandings created by others.........

Reunions, oh boy what a reunion...

This book brought out so many emotions for me. There were parts where I laughed and oh & ahhed. Seth & Devi love each other so much and wonder how they could make their relationship with the demands of Seth's career, the papparazzi as well as Devi's career and well there is also a BIG consideration the two of them have to consider.

I loved how the author expressed the feelings of each character. I was able to connect and I found that I was actually a part of their lives at times. I can't wait for the next book.. I loved how the author ended the book with a little foreshadowing and I've already come up with some theories of who might be involved with whom. 

I NEVER give spoilers as I personally do not like them I want other's to experience the book just as I have. So put this one on your TBR,mark your calendars .... BUY IT THE MINTUE IT COMES OUT.. it's really that good!

Definitely no doubt about it 5+++++++ read - you want to laugh? cry? swoon? have a hot flash or two? and love ROCKSTARS????? Then this book is for you!!!!! 

Looking forward to the release of this awesome book and future My Misery Muse sagas.

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