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On Dublin StreetOn Dublin Street by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a fan friggin tastic book!!  5++++++++++ STARS.  THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE THING I DON'T LOVE ABOUT BRADEN CARMICHAEL, or the story for that matter, DAMN THAT MAN HAS IT ALL!!!
On Dublin Street was a wonderful story of sadness and love. Jocelyn or Joss, if you will, was a beautiful young woman with a very sad and traumatic past. She is faced with the loss of her family at a young age, put in foster care and just completely wild until one day she stops and heads to Edinburgh. At 22, what she will find there with an exceptional man, namely Braden Carmichael, will not only raise her temperature but also terrify her and eventually open her heart that will forever change her life.

Despite my tendency to keep 80% of myself to myself, I liked being surrounded by people.

Braden Carmichael is every woman's dream, he is wealthy, extremely smart, good looking, passionate, understanding, loving,charismatic and well you get it. I could go on and on. He has had some unhappy things happen in his life as well, but wow, what a beautiful man he certainly turned out to be!!
When they meet for the first time, in a cab there is without a doubt instant attraction.

I shivered as he repeated, "Are you shy?" Was I shy? No. Not shy. Just usually blissfully indifferent. I liked it that way. It was safer.

Little do they each know that she will be his sister, Ellie's future roommate. I loved Ellie and the relationship they developed as friends was a loving one. I enjoyed all of the characters in the book.

Ellie and Braden will soon learn about Jocelyn and how she has built these walls around her, buried feelings so deep and the way she deflects every question about pretty much anything that has to do with her or her life. I totally understood her and related to her due to the panic attacks she had and the therapy that she sought to help her heal. Braden also learned to completely get her as she slowly gave herself away.

"Were you and Rhian close?" I shrugged. "As close as I allow myself to get to anyone."

It didn't mean he didn't have a tough road ahead but there was no way Jocelyn could escape him.

"You"re good with the words. I'll give you that." I'm good with my hands. Will you let me give you that?"

ummmmm yes please!

The story kept my interest, made me laugh, had me fanning myself and utterly smitten with Braden. I highly recommend it and it is on my keeper shelf, which says a lot since I don't typically keep books! Samantha Young did a wonderful job and I cannot wait for book 2.
With all that was mentioned and I could have mentioned SOOOO much more, what in God's green earth are you waiting for? go get this book and if you have it MOVE it to the top of your to be read list:0)


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