Friday, April 5, 2013



I just wanted to make people aware of something.  Some of you may already know.  Some of you may not care, some of you will care but hopefully you will all care because this affects YOUR followers.  I am very frustrated so forgive the soapbox.  I understand different sites have to have rules but damn. 

Twitter Sucks A$$!! I recently tried to enter some giveaways and because twitter has their limits on following, tweeting etc. I am unable to gain entries because of this.  It is my hope that you all take this into consideration because it does affect you!  If someone is already following me or you then great but if not then they won't be able to follow you or gain an entry in your giveaway if they are affected by Twitter's rules see them here and here

I have decided that I WILL NOT put my followers, friends, fans, etc. through the frustration of NOT being able to enter my giveaways because of twatter. Yes, it pisses me off!! 

Please share this and pass the word because a lot of giveaways have this as a mandatory entry and some of us WILL NOT be able to follow them!!

If you don't have any trouble then that is wonderful!  I am truly glad you don't but unfortunately I have and it irritates me, so I won't put anyone through that. I want people to enjoy my blog and giveaways ya know.  Some people don't even use Twitter and quite frankly I don't blame them.  If they want to follow me and can that is wonderful but I won't require it.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I love to enter giveaways but have been turned away from some that require a twitter follow to unlock the rest of the entries. I don't mind if it's an option but it drives me nuts when it's a requirement and I can't because I have reached my limit of follows on twitter. I have already been through my follows list and don't want to unfollow any of them, so I am stuck where I am