Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Exciting and Fun News for You All~Future Friday Giveaways~


To all my fans, followers, friends, bloggers and authors out there.  I thought it would be nice for me to thank you all so I have decided that every Friday on my blog I am going to have a giveaway!!  This will be separate from any other blog tours and giveaways, book blitz's and giveaway hops.  In other words this will be a giveaway all on it's own :0)

I will be giving away ebooks and gift cards among other things depending on what I may find, win myself to share with you or make myself (for those that may or may not know I make jewelry as well has handmade cards for all occasions (sometimes).  It also depends on my finances of course.  This will be fun for everyone and in my opinion helpful to authors because I will be giving their books away :)

I plan to have a rafflecopter for the giveaways.  They will start at midnight on Thursday night and end at midnight on Friday night that way there is a full 24 hours to enter.  I plan to make the entries as painless as possible for you all LOL.

So with all that ^^^^^^^^^up there I hope you will join in the fun and enter the giveaway every Friday and hopefully you will win.  If for some reason I am not able to do the giveaway I will let you all know.

This is a way for me to THANK all of you, share my love of books, SUPPORT authors and PAY IT FORWARD!!

Thank you all for making my blog so much fun!

With much love,


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