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~KIM'S 5 STAR REVIEW OF BEYOND 10 NIGHTS by Karl Jones & Michelle Hughes

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Jan 02, 13

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Read from December 19 to 20, 2012

I received this book via an ARC after volunteering for the blog tour which is underway! After reading 10 Nights I was more than ready for more Rhett & Leah! Who wouldn't be after the ending of the first book.

I started Beyond 10 Nights as soon as I received it and once again I swept into the world of Rhett & Leah! I was literally............

We pick up with what might appears to be the start of a happily ever after and if you believe that then................

Yep I'm shocked. Do we get more Rhett? Oh HELL yeah! Is it what you expect from Rhett, hmmm perhaps or perhaps not! Of course, Leah is there and my personal favorites David & Janie! This book had some.....

You know Rhett well he's new to this whole "love" thing and boy oh boy is a mighty possessive man! It was hot but then it got a little......

See our girl Leah is finally figuring out she needs to make it on her own. Nope no help from Rhett or Janie. Well enter into the picture the PERFECT opportunity, Rhett's buddie from boarding school and high school, Alex. Alex gives Leah a intern position at this Company and Alex the DOM and Alex the guy are two different people and Leah begins to see a whole different side to the lifestyle. 

Leah and Alex become close, very very close, which had me..........

I felt like I was sitting back waiting for the train wreck. How would Rhet would react to this? We are dealing with a new Rhett who was dealing with feelings he never felt before and poor guy he didn't know where to put those feelings or better yet how to control his reactions.

There was a point in this book where it just...........................

All hell broke loose big time! We get to see how complex Rhett is! We find out what exactly Alex is into in the ahem "lifestyle". We see the reactions from David & Janie to what's going on around them and most importantly we see Leah sweet little Leah decide she's going to take charge of her life but to what extent? Well, we won't know until the third and final book is released ;)

Definitely a 5 star read for me! I freaking loved it! I loved the unconventional relationship between Rhett, Leah & Alex! I loved Leah coming out of her "shell" so to speak and ask for what she wanted! I freaking adore David & Janie's relationship and how strong of a couple they appear to be! By the end of this book I was ................

Yes I can't WAIT for the rest of the journey to see what Leah decides in the end! I HIGHLY recommend this follow-up to 10 Nights in the Forbidden Desires Series! I don't think you will be disappointed but I should let you know you will be wanting oh yes wanting much much more :)


  1. Thanks Kim, that is a great review and I love the images to go with it.
    If it makes you feel better, Michelle has started the first draft of Book 3, yay, we have a plan.

    1. Karl,

      Thank you! I'm stoked now :) that's great news and can't wait to read it!!!!

      Thanks again and this was a great read!
      Kim Box Person

  2. Kim this is fantastic! You are hilarious! Great job!!!

    1. Thank you! I had a great time reviewing and reading it! Thanks for letting me take part in the tour :)