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This is one of those books that I accidentally found. It had been out for awhile and suddenly I heard great things about it and thought okay why not. BOY AM I SO GLAD I TOOK THE CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!I didn't know anything about racing when I started to read it and to be honest never ever watched a NASCAR event! Hubby had to tell me we had the SPEED channel LOL!

Well I have to say I'm so darn happy I read this one. I loved it, adored it, couldn't get enough and learned some racing terms! Happy Hour is the first book in a five book Racing on The Edge series. This book lays the foundation for the other books and starts of with Sway graduating college. She's going to meet up with her best friend, Jameson Riley, NASCAR rookie driver known as Rowdy Riley! They've been best friends since they were 11 and Sway first saw Jameson racing sprint car's at her father, Charlie's, dirt track!

Jameson doesn't know that Sway is in love with him and has been. He doesn't know that she's determined to make him fall in love with her. Sway is hysterical and I LOVE her not a damn jealous bone in her body! She doesn't want to be a "Pit Lizard" hehehehe translates a NASCAR groupie :) She wants to be IT for Jameson!

When reading this one I laughed so hard throughout this book. Jameson's family is is support system. We have Spencer his older brother who is married to Alley and they have adorable little Lane then theirs Emma the youngest in the Riley clan who has a "thing" for Jameson's spotter Aiden.

Their is a rivalry between Jameson and fellow NASCAR racer Darrin and things really heat up between the two! There is no gentleman's agreement between these two! Add the drama of the rivalry into Jameson's family and to top it all off the agreement he makes with Sway for three weeks and your in for quite the ride folks a hysterical ride to be truthful, sexual ride with Sway's "Dirty Heathen" where it's all dirty car talk (freaking awesome and pure genius on Shey's part!

Now before I start to have fun with my review I have a few things that stood out in this book and I'm not listing anything in order

- Lucifer Twins
- Spencer (lol)
- Cougar's
- Fork Stabbing

just a few teasers to make you wonder what I'm talking about and just a small HYSTERICAL part of Happy Hour!

So I spent most of my time reading Happy Hour doing exactly this......

then I was...........................................

I have a HUGE crush on Jameson he is the HOT ROOKIE :) When the three week's is up and Sway has to return to help her father Charlie with the dirt track he owns/operates will that be the end of Jameson and her? Well you have to read it to see!

Happy Hour had parts where I was.......................

Happy Hour had a good mix of laughs, tears and edge of your seat what's going to happen next! Now the end of Happy Hour I was totally.........

which believe me I had to HAVE the next book in the series and I had to have it PRONTO and luckily at the time I read it all of them were out with the exception of the final book in the series, The Legend. If I had to wait I would've been doing this also...........

This was a 5 ++++ read for me! Just cause there is racing mentioned I think people assume that's what the books is about but NO this book is so much more! This is a book about a childhood friendship with the possibility of blossoming into so much more with memories inter-sped within, and new absolutely hysterical memories being made! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!!! It is FREAKING AWESOME and you will not be disappointed! and if you know nothing about racing the best part is each chapter starts with a definition of whether it's track terms, car parts it's relative to that particular chapter and another genius idea Shey had!


THUMBS UP ALL THE FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge, #1)
Shey Stahl(less)

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  1. Haha! Love your review!! The gifs made me LOL :)