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~Tanya's 4 Star Review of Scandalous by H. M. Ward~

ScandalousScandalous by H.M. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars but the last 25% bumped it up to four:0)

Okay so this was a different kind of read for me, not bad, but not, oh my God I loved it.  The first half was good but I kept waiting patiently for something to happen, someone to make a move, some action if you will, so in a good way, it kept my interest, but in a bad way, I was like come on already lol. After the halfway point things started to happen and it got a little intense and somewhat sexy, then there was some suspense thrown in about 75% of the way through and it made me get antsy and want to finish the story.

Scandalous is an appropriate title for this story where preacher meets painter. 

Abby and Jack knew each other in high school but when something happens that makes Abby run away she does just that and decides to become a preacher. Ten years or so later she has gotten herself in some hot water and is kicked out for a year. She has nothing, no money to amount to anything, no food and the only thing she does have is her friend, Kate. She ends up staying with her and has to find a job that can help her as well as pay off her outrageous debts.
Abby decides that she will interview at a gallery only to discover the painter that is known as Jonathan Gray is actually Jack from all those years ago.

Mesmerized by his paintings and of course him, she realizes that those long ago feelings are still there and she doesn't know what to do. Jack decides to offer her the job and so she hesitantly accepts. Their friendship is rekindled and she confides in him.

I got frustrated here because you could see the torment they were putting themselves through and the intensity of their feelings that neither one would act on until.....

The suggestion, his idea, was the beginning and the end. It consumed me in ways I couldn't have imagined. The idea was like Jack in every way-completely tempting and completely forbidden.

I really liked Jack and once I got to know him I adored him and in the end he made me mad but it all worked out. It was a quick read and it could have been longer. Some things seem to be rushed and there was no angsty buildup in my opinion.

With all of the above being said do I think you should read it? The answer is yes especially if you like art. I personally had a hard time connecting with the characters but that doesn't mean you won't. It obviously held my interest with a variety of things that happened and a few I didn't see coming which made it a plus for me. So my review again is just my opinion and my opinion only. Always keep in mind that what interests one may not interest another. Happy reading :0)

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