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Oct 11, 12
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I really enjoyed this book! I loved the love triangle angle but I swear I want to KILL TY but I hear he is redeemed in the second book which is his- haven't read it but purchased so I soon shall see.

Savannah, Van to all her friends/family with the exception of Colt, is a beautiful 19 year old college student. She doesn't know how beautiful she is which I really like that in a character. She is the kindest person and had been in love with Tyler (Ty) since she was 14. They have dated for 5 years when the story begins.

Van has a scholarship to college and unlike Ty she doesn't want to and can't participate in the parties and college life that many experience! She needs to focus on her studies so she maintains the GPA to keep her scholarship. Her parents cannot afford to pay for college for her and she just wants to make them proud.

Ty is your college frat boy, football player, and hometown hero in the small N.C. town they both came from. He loves his booze, loose women and keeping things from Van.

The story begins from Ty's POV following their break-up which Van attributes to dedicating her time to studying and hoping that Ty will slow down and focus on his studies. Ty decides he is going to "fully" enjoy his freedom and that he does. Van comes to the frat party, which Ty knows she will be there, and walks-in to highly intoxicated Ty with a blond floozy. Needless to say Van is heartbroken and runs out of the party.

Ty attempts to follow her and then the accident occurs. He is severely injured and ends up in a coma.

The book then switches to Van's POV and she describes what she has gone through in the past 6 months since the accident and Ty is still comatose. Let me tell you this girl has been through hell and back and what she went through with Ty's family & friends had me want to bring out a big ole an of whoop ass!

Colt Mitchell is Ty's older cousin from Kentucky. He is one FINE man! He is the epitome of sexy and boy did I fall in love with him! He comes out to help Ty's parents with the family farm. He is introduced fairly quickly and comes upon Savannah in Ty's hospital room.

Well once the two meet up again you find that Colt is one heck of a gentleman and all around nice guy. Savannah & Colt are two wonderful characters and it was fun to see their relationship develop.

The book held my interest with the twists and events that occurred. When all is "aired" out so to speak you see that Savannah's emotional response to situations is to "run" and Colt well his is to hold it in.

Ty is along for the ride with the two and you learn that he idolized his older cousin Colt. Also, you are introduced to Marissa who is Colt's cousin and pregnant when you first meet her. There is a scene involving Ty, Savannah and Marissa that I laughed my head off when Savannah yelled at Ty but you have to read it to find out.

This was a wonderful read and I enjoyed it so much that I did purchase the second book which I hear continues where the first left off and is primarily Ty's story.

If your looking for a read that involves a love triangle, true love and events that will pull at your heart strings this is the book for you!

Great book Jennifer! I just found another favorite author to add to my list!!!

Currently it is 0.99 :0)

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