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Goodreads | Kim Person (Peyton, CO)'s review of The Proposition  

The Proposition by Katie Ashley

's review
Oct 31, 12
5 of 5 stars false
Read from October 26 to 27, 2012
When I found out that Katie was going to provide me the ARC of The Proposition I was like......

This is the story of Emma & Aidan. Emma's a kind hearted, sweet, and strong as hell woman and I loved her character! She has been through some very rough times in the past 5 years and all she wants is a baby! She is desperate to have a baby and have a "family" of her own .....someone to love her! Well after her best friend since middle school Connor backs out of "donating" to the cause Emma is not happy and Connor, well, he hates that Emma is ignoring him.

Aidan Fitzgerald just happens to be in the right place at the right time and witnesses the exchange between Emma and Connor but mistakes it for something else. But Connnor will set him straight and Aidan being the hot, sexy as hell, player (according to office place gossip) now has the solution to get what he wants. Aidan wants Emma and has since the office Christmas party where she shot him down after she was told he was a "womanizer".

Over drinks at O'Malley's the proposition is made and Emma is stunned but she's right about Aidan he is going to get something out of this and that is Emma.. He's not "donating" he is "participating" So begins the baby making journey..

How could Emma resist Aidan?

There are some very hot scenes between the sheets, shower well I'm sure you get the picture and once Emma gets pregnant well the ride is too much fun for either of the to get off, just yet, see they never expected or at least tried to keep their hearts out of it but come on we all know how that goes...
Aidan well for all he supposedly is really has a heart of gold but boy there was a point in the book where I was like this because of him

There are some wonderful secondary characters in the book and I adored Carli & Connor who were there for Emma. Aidan has his four sisters and "Pop's". We get to enjoy Emma & Aidan meeting each others families and there are some great laughs but there is something about Aidan who has had his share of heartbreak in the past, self created I might add, that made me:

Aidan is afraid of committment becoming the ultimate bachelor but will he let Emma & his baby become a permanent part of his life? or will he be Aidan well that my friends you will hae just read to see!!

Katie has given us a 5 star awesome read!! I cannot wait for the second book and I will anxiously await the announcement for when that is coming hint hint Katie :) This is a AWESOME first book and I can guarantee you wil be hooked just as I am! So come November 1st buy this book and start the journey with Emma & Aidan you won't be disappointed I sure the heck wasn't I've read the book twice already since last night :)
Thanks for sharing Katie love ya doll!!!


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