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Exquisite (Exquisite, #1)Exquisite by Ella Frank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Mason Langley!!! Oh what Mason will do to thee, all six foot three of him! Sighs!
Exquisite was a wonderful read and Ella Frank did an exceptional job writing it. The story has wonderful characters who will draw you into their lives and into their hearts. I grinned like an idiot, I laughed out loud and I even shed a few tears.
Exquisite brings you Lena, better known as Dr. Magdalena O'Donnell, a pediatric doctor who has experienced loss, has been living a life of guilt and building walls around her no one could or would ever get through.

The fewer people in her life meant the less she had to give a shit, and that equaled the less possibility that she’d get hurt.Enter here Mason Langley, a very tall, very sexy man, whom at their first meeting, annoyed her to no end but who would forever change her life. The conversations these two had were quite amusing and quite equally the same as the conversations Shelly and Lena had. Oh these two women, they were the best of friends as well as doctors who worked together, just made me laugh hysterically. Every woman needs a friend like Shelly!

“Hi there, Lena. I’m so glad the library closed early enough for you to get away.” Lena smiled, taking the vacant seat beside her. “Well, we keep shorter hours than the corner you walked off.” LOL!

As the story progresses Lena and Mason meet again and her world slowly starts to unravel. She learns that he is the owner and chef of the restaurant, Exquisite and it takes Mason a while to get through to her but once he does he touches her in so many ways, some of which frighten her but some of which are so incredible.

So softly she almost missed it he whispered, “Let me in, Magdalena O’Donnell. I want to know all of you.”

They frustrated each other and the sexual tension that was there would get any woman worked up.

“If you don’t stop, I can’t promise I will.”

There time together was very passionate and extremely HOT and only got better and better!


Just when I fell in love with everything about Mason and I mean everything, something tragic happens and the tables seem to be reversed and just like that he broke my heart!
This is what I will leave you with and I know the suspense is killing you because it did me and I could NOT put this book down. I actually read it in 2 days not 4, so my advice is GO BUY THE DAMN BOOK what are you waiting for! You will not be disappointed! I highly recommend it and I look forward to the next book, Entice, which is Shelly's story.

This book was an ARC copy from the other in exchange for an honest review and for this I thank her! It was wonderful and you won't be disappointed.

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