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Oct 31, 12

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Read on October 24, 2012

Not your typical romance story and not for the faint of heart!!!!

This was damn gritty, motorcylce riding, angst ridden, "old lady", freaking AWESMOE ride!!! This isn't a book for everyone and there are quite a few emotions that the author plays on and I gotta tell you DAMN GIRL!!!

Deuce what can I say? He's the Prez of his MC club! He is a BA and his "woman" is going to "listen" to what he says and do what he says. Really, you could tell Deuce wanted Eva's love- all of it, all of the time, but was he good enough? Well, in his eye's nope but in her's HELL YEAH!

Eva well she is the daughter of MC Prez! She was born in it, raised in it, lives and breathes it and she is not one of the "biker whores" nope she is the IT GIRL and why wouldn't she be that's what she's been brought up like!!! She totally ROCKS when it comes to Deuce!!!!

Frankie, Frankie, Frankie..............probably the saddest damn character I've ever read about.... He truly was mentally ill and if you couldn't pick that up in the book then you need to go back and re-read the damn thing. Put aside what Frankie DID and think of what Frankie went through growing up and his "stalkerish" dependence of Eva.. It was quite sad!!!!

Loved Kami damn the girl was a trip.... She rocked...She also doesn't put up with shit... but you will see when you read the book how that applies to the "heiress, princess, girly-rich girl" who really can stand up for herself......

I loved what the author did with this book.. I don't expect skittles & rainbows when I read books- of course after a good mind-f**k I might need a "light" book but damn when I wanted to kick Deuce's ass I knew I loved this book!!!!

You will run the gamut of emotions in this one... I think my emotions were all over the place and kinda looked like this:

A good WTF:

A good Shake of the head:

You will:

You will be like:

But at the end this was so totally me:

This was a 5 STAR READ FOR ME!!! I can't wait for the author's next book in this series.. Danny & Ripper FUNFREAKINGTASTIC!!!!

AWESOME JOB Madeline!!!! I loved it!!! I love when something shocks the hell outta me!!! This did it!! Looking forward to more good reads from you :)

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