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's review The Story of Ella & Micha by Jessica Sorenson       
Oct 23, 12

The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen
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Read on October 16, 2012

What can I say other than I absolutely adore Micha but who wouldn't like a tattooed, lip ring, sweet as all get out bad boy!!!

Ella & Micha grew up together and had always been best friends but Ella disappears one night leaving Micha behind and looking for her ever since she left! Little did he know she was away at college.

Ella returns for the summer along with her roommate from college Lila! Well since Micha lives next door he soon realizes Ella is back! Ella hasn't revealed to Lila who she "used" to be and what she "used" to do! It was something that was slowly revealed the more time they spend with Micha.

Lila and Micha's best-bud Ethan meet and hang around with each other and the third book is theirs!! That should be GREAT!!! But more about my two favorite people. The patience that Micha shows Ella while she wraps her head around how she feels and she deals with her past which involves a tragic loss, drunken father and older brother who just wants to forget the past.

Micha has his trials too and you see how these two persevered while growing up and you have to attribute the relationship these two have. With first times for everything, true love and college and touring with a band I can't wait to read the continuing story of Ella & Micha with book two due out soon!

This is a awesome YA/Mature read and I feel love with this book! I swear it has taken me days to get this one out of my head and I've read many books since then.

Last but not least I highly recommend the playlist at the end of the book which you will find throughout the story too! Ah Behind Blue Eyes :) If you haven't read this one then I have no clue what you are waiting for!!!

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