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Floor TimeFloor Time by Liz Crowe
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Floor Time, Hot Time, Bed Time, More Time. What we have here is a very up and down relationship between a sexy, arrogant but somewhat tortured Alpha male, Jack and the extremely, beautiful, independent woman, Sara who gets under his skin in every which way. They are both in the real estate business and are very good at what they do with their clients as well as with each other!! The frustration one man can cause Her face flushed with anger, no longer aware of Jack as a desirable man, but as a client-stealing asshole.  made me LOL.
Even though Jack frustrates Sara, one cannot stay made too long She shook her head, looked up and there he was – all six foot, four inch, dark hair, blue eyes, sexy white smile, of him.yummy :0)

As some time goes by and their personal relationship starts to progress neither one can deny the passion between them and so it begins. Two words to start this heated affair, wall sex, yep seems to be somewhat popular lately, lol as Jack says to her “Don’t turn around,” he whispered. “Let me show you what happens next. Just leave it all to me.” Now, would you say no? I think NOT! and then we have our cocky but honest moment with Jack “Um, babe, tuck in your shirt in the back,” Jack whispered. “You look like you just got fucked against the office wall.”well alrighty then.

Their relationship is somewhat different in the aspect that they have both been burned as we often see but this time it is Jack more so than Sara. Once she starts to fall for Jack there is no stopping her or him for that matter.  He had to be the absolute worst man she could get attached to – a self-centered, man-whore, intent on his own satisfaction every minute of the day.

The tortured part of Jack has to do with his past as a Dom and ultimately realizes what lies beneath and what he would like to do about it, more importantly with Sara, but will she submit to Jack.“You don’t need any other option baby. I’ve got everything you need.”

I enjoyed this short story very much! It was hot and I loved Sara and Jack. You will find yourself saying, oh no he didn't, referring to jack but at the same time you won't be able to deny his likability. The only thing I didn't like was that a few parts seemed a little rushed which just means Ms. Crowe could have made it longer and it would still have been as enjoyable as it was! I do recommend you read it and I look forward to the next in the series!

I was provided an ARC copy for an honest review from Tri Destiny Publishing.

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