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Sweat EquitySweat Equity by Liz Crowe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars!! Okay so I feel like I need to say what is said to you when you get ready to ride a roller coaster...Ladies and Gentlemen please fasten your seat belts and keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times and enjoy your ride...well you get the point LOL! Ms. Crowe can certainly write it all over the place and it IS NOT a bad thing. The drama, the dysfunction, the angst, the turmoil, the sex, the intense desire, the awkwardness etc etc etc.
Jack and Sara are two people so very much alike yet extremely stubborn and do not communicate very well at all. They will take you on a ride of highs and lows. Yes, I wanted to choke him, then I wanted to choke her, then I was like ah hell I want to friggin choke both of them! gaaahhhh they drove me nuts!!

She grabbed the hair dryer and ignored the growing ache in her chest–the spot she’d come to call Jack’s place. He alone had the ability to fill it with joy and ecstasy one moment, fury and frustration the next.

but that is who they are and I truly believe deep down they love each other and will someday figure it out and get their $hit straight!! There are many couples and exes and such, hence all the drama. Craig is thrown into the mix here as he has feelings for Sara and also works for the same company as both Jack and Sara do. He is a loving, caring and also sexy as hell and wants so badly to help Sara forget Jack. Throw in Suzanne, Jack's friend, to mix it up a bit as she says

“Some people are just meant to be together, Craig no matter how much we might think otherwise. There is no explaining it. I for one, think those two are just such people.

Now we add Sara's mom with her little too late motherly advice

"You should never measure your success by what your friends and family think of you. Remember only you hold that ruler."

I actually love that quote myself!

So at this point you are probably asking yourself should I read this? My answer would be yes. It is a short read, keeps your interest with all the twists and turns and the sex is without a doubt HOT!

There is also a light mix of BDSM and a M/M sexual relationship in this book which is different for me but did not keep me from reading the story. If you cannot handle reading about any of the following things I mentioned then you might not want to read it but I for one am enjoying every hot, exploding minute of it and am anxious to see where it all ends. My final words: Holy Moly that was one hell of a ride!......I was provided a copy of this by the publisher for an honest review.  This is the second book in the series and I do recommend you read them in order!

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  1. enjoy the ride!!!! Book 4 and 6 are AMAZING!!!! 5 is fun too

    1. Thanks Denise. I am starting 3 tonight.